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Should I sleep in or wake up and go to the cookout?

Asked by skgskgskg22 (260points) April 4th, 2008

I’ll have to wake up and get ready then drive an hour to get to the cookout but i’ll be meeting my friend that I don’t get to hang with much. I really like to sleep in though…

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Go to the cookout..spend time with your friend..when you come home you can sleep!

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You have many chances to sleep in, but how many chances do you get to hang out with your friend at a cookout? I agree with babygalll, go to the cookout. I also will not be sleeping in Saturday morning. Lets both go and have a fun day!

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You could always go sleep at the cookout!

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Depends who’s cooking and what

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Dont go. Then we can hang out! ...ok I’m being selfish, you should probably go. :(

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Aww randy pandy we’ll hangout soon!
It’s a crawfish cookout? With the regulars too.
I guess I could just come home at 5 and sleep…or maybe randy won’t be busy…

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what about me?

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I would go 2 the cookout…. Free food !

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So curious… Did you go? Are you awake yet?!!

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I didn’t go because he wasn’t sure if he would be done moving stuff or something. So I didn’t want to drive down there and be stuck doing nothing alone. I did however wake up semi early.

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Isn’t that funny. The days when we are able to sleep in we are up earlier than we have to be during the work week! What is that?

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One vote for the cookout here

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