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I need help with Survivor Bachelorette theme ideas?

Asked by Lee001 (12points) November 18th, 2010

My best friend is a Survivor fanatic, so I have decided to throw her a Survivor themed bachelorette…. I have searched the net and found some ideas, but if you have anything you can share, it would be great: Eg, food, decor, games, questions, how to dress her

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If this party will be in a region of the country where it will be warm and you can have it outside, then you could definitely put up tiki torches. If you have to have it indoors, you can still decorate the place like you are on an island, with those mesh covered glass candle holders, and other tiki-related items (that can easily be found at a party store). And you or a bakery could decorate a flat sheet cake like an island in the middle of the ocean with an edible palm tree sticking up out of it. Serve a tropical meal, which can easily be found at a Hawaiian barbecue place (they’re all over California). Come up with some question and answer games that have answers that are based on the friends and families of the bride and groom and have it end up with the loser of the game being “voted off the island” and the winner getting some kind of island prize. You could play “pin the coconut on the palm tree”.Give out plastic leis to the guests and serve tropical drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).

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This question has been bugging me all day. I have never seen Survivor, but I know a little bit about it just from the commercials, but here is a great site(TV_series) that describes it in detail and I think it will give you some great ideas about the types of games to play involving strength, endurance and agility and then blend it with regular stuff that has to do with getting married.

I’m thinking of some kind of obstacle course that involves picking up socks and putting them in the hamper, grabbing a beer out of the fridge, sweeping up a pile of something, and carrying a pan full of water or eggs from here to there—quickly!

Making everybody wear a tribe “buff” as described on the site, but put the bride or groom’s name on them.

Hiding an “immunity idol’ somewhere in the house or yard where the party games are going on and who-ever finds it wins a little prize. The idol could be some type of semi-naughty marital aid or lotion or whatever you like ; )

Maybe the guests are made to dig in a big wheel barrow full of mud to find some object (there’s lots of mud on survivor). The mud would be filled with lots of odd little objects, but the winner is the first one to find the correct object (maybe a gum machine ring with a pretty fake jewel).

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Nice ideas girls :) Thanks

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