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What sports did you participate in when you were at school & are you still active in any?

Asked by ucme (50037points) November 18th, 2010

We’re talking about representing your school here. Did you win anything for yourself or the school? Are you active in any of these sports still? Maybe not competing but you know, as a pastime…. socially.

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I avoided sport at all costs and still do!

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Track & cross country, I wasn’t very fast, I only placed in a few races. And I still run. Still not very faxt.

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I was not involved in any sports.I won art awards.
I do think I missed my calling as I can kick some @ss on the golf course and if slap-fighting was a competitive sport,I would have excelled,I am sure. ;)

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The only sports I participated in were bowling and ski club. Didn’t win anything. I still love to bowl and try to get out to a ski resort from time to time.

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I played hockey and baseball. Our baseball team was absolutely terrible (myself included), but our hockey team was quite good. I still play a bit of hockey now and then with some friends, just for fun.

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I did everything one could in High School and I got a letter jacket for track and field, wrestling, soccer, basketball, baseball and football. It was fun but it was a few years ago and now I don’t do much but couch fishing.

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@lucillelucillelucille Slap fighting XD You could combine that with the golf. A cheaper & more rewarding alternative than smashing the clubs over your knee. Actually, that sounds more like what I would do :¬)

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I wasn’t much into sports in high school. I much preferred to spend my recreational time playing in rock and roll bands (which can be quite physical in itself if you are doing it right…). I became a competitive fencer in my mid 30s. I still fence today but not competitively. Both my sons, however, are up and comers in the world of competitive fencing. As for me, for the most part I just stick to doing footwork drills, fencing bouts at the club, and keeping our club weapons in good working order.

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I played raquetball in HS and 30 years later I still do. I was also a fencer and a weight lifter. I don’t fence any more but I still lift on occasion.

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I used to row. No major wins, but I was in a four-man boat that got 5th overall on the west coast.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting back into it and joining a rowing club.

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I was big into my Rugby at school & swimming…… I haven’t done either for years! :-/
I always won at Diving for my school & also won quite a few pool races too…. As far as the rugby went I did score many tries & follow up conversions throughout my secondary school years, but was only on the winning side three times throughout for county, once with borrowed boots & I did score then too… :-)

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[I still box]

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I ran in Cross-County.
I’m thinking about doing track in highschool.
My teammates say I’m more suited for shorter distance races.
I run out of breath pretty easliy even if I jog at a slower pace.

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i played highschool football for my school (still do)
and im trying out fot the basket ball team

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I was a left striker on my school’s girls footy team and I was an endurance runner on track. I did relays on a team and my solo event was the 3200m.

I was better at footy than track, and I’ll be looking for a co-ed adult team to play on soon.

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