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Who wants to create the longest rap rhyme in the history of mankind?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) November 18th, 2010


- Respond with a line that rhymes to the previous response (approximately 4 to 8 words).

- After at least two lines rhyme, you can start with a new verse.
For example…
user01 – I live in a place downtown
user02 – where everybody goes around
user03 – This is no ordinary place <—
It doesn’t have to always be after 2 lines, could be after 5 or even 6. It works well when you can’t think of anything else to rhyme with.

- Do not respond twice in a row!

- It doesn’t have to rhyme perfectly, but in some way where it can at least sound like it rhymes (see example: downtown, around). Look at Eminem’s lyrics, he does this often.

- In order for us to create the longest rap rhyme in history, please be sure the last word in your response can be easily rhymed to (no oranges at the end of your line).

- It will sound better if the rap rhyme continues in a fluid storyline as best as possible, but doesn’t have to.

Have fun!

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28 Answers

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So, I was walking down to this place

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A dude comes in my face

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and I sprayed him with some mace

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Cool – I get to use the word space.

Smashley's avatar

Cuz space where I roll, on the final frontier!

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So, come on errybody and grab a beer

Smashley's avatar

Lagers in the AM, and ales for after noon

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I can’t whistle or carry a tune.

erichw1504's avatar

yet I still make all the women swoon

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Yeah, all the ladies want my honey

erichw1504's avatar

whatchu laughin at, it ain’t funny!

lemming's avatar

All y’all need is a little money

erichw1504's avatar

to get down ‘n dirty like a super bunny

Taciturnu's avatar

Bunny strong like Energizer

erichw1504's avatar

Old and in the past like a colonizer

ratboy's avatar

‘Cause my Glock’s an equalizer

Fred931's avatar

Set ‘cha up with super-sizer

thekoukoureport's avatar

Super sizing like a happy meal

Berserker's avatar

A happy meal in mah pants, come on and FEEL

AmWiser's avatar

Because lil lady, I just want to hear you squeal

filmfann's avatar

Babe I’ll make you a smoothie, and thats for real!

AmWiser's avatar

Just watch out for that banana peel.

Kraigmo's avatar

Then no more food cuz we ache

mistik04's avatar

But I wanted to shake n bake

erichw1504's avatar

now go ahead and leave, ‘cause Imma ‘bout to rake

Kraigmo's avatar

Cuz we keepin’ it real…
...Real fake

erichw1504's avatar

Where has everybody gone

gm_pansa's avatar

they musta bounced away like the little baby fawn

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