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What desktop application(s) can you use to sync your media to an android device?

Asked by jamms (609points) November 18th, 2010

I know of doubletwist, and I know that android can do most of the syncing over the air, but I’m looking for ways to get my music and video onto the device without hassle. Any suggestions?

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DropBox will be your friend.

Install clients on all your computers and on android. Files synced across all platforms. Solution found!

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I find that even Windows Media Player does an adequate job for syncing music.

As for video, I just open up a window on my desktop for my Droid X, navigate to the Videos folder on my phone’s SD card, and do a simple drag-and-drop. It asks me if I want to convert it, I click “Yes”, and I am on my way.

Personally, I do not want to store my stuff online, so I would never use DropBox. Then again, I am inherently distrustful anyways, so you can chalk that up to paranoia if you wish. I treat my data like I treat my car or my wife; I don’t let strangers with them either.

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If you have a Motorola branded Android smartphone (e.g., Droid, Droid 2, Droid X), another option is Motorola’s program called Media Link.

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DoubleTwist never worked properly for me.

I bought iSyncr which you install on the phone SD card from the Market, but is actually designed to run on your computer (both Mac and PC versions) when the card is mounted. It connects to iTunes and can sync music from selected playlists. I’m not sure about video syncing.

I upgraded from a Motorola DEXT/CLIQ to a Samsung Galaxy S phone and found that playlists from iTunes wouldn’t work if I just dragged and dropped them onto my SD card – it was something to do with how the Galaxy S Media player dealt with m3u files (playlist files). But somehow the iSyncr developer has fixed that issue…

The interface isn’t as pretty as DoubleTwist, but it’s fast and lightweight and gets the job done pretty well.

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It might help if we knew what ty[e of phone we were dealing with in the first place though. As @logansrun says and my experience confirms, Motorola phones are very simple; as soon as you hook them to a PC, they install some phone management software that includes ways to syn up by default. Judging by the fact that the OP even asked this question, I feel it safe to assume that they do not have a newer Motorola Droid [2, or X].

@logansrun Thanx for the link. While I don’t know if I’ll change how I operate, it is a good, full-featured syncing app.

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Just to follow up, I’m using a HTC Incredible. My goal was to sync wirelessly. I don’t want to be tethered to a computer like using iTunes. The best solution I have found thus far is winamp. They have a desktop application that is in beta that syncs over wifi with the winamp android app. I’m still working on a solution to do the same for video.

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I have also synced wirelessly in both directions using the Hoccer web client from my computer’s browser and the Hoccer app on my Droid X. Yes, it is a little physical as you have to use the throw/catch motions with your phone, but it’s great in that Hoccer can send damn near anything; music, pics, video, PDF, TXT, grilled cheese sandwiches, small furry animals…

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There is also SK Sync
It may not be pretty but it does work.

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