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What annoys you when trying to work/study?

Asked by sigh29 (131points) November 18th, 2010

I can’t stand when people eat loudly while I’m trying to quietly study or get work done. In fact, there is someone next to me in the library eating lunch (although there is no food allowed here) right now. What bothers you?

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Fluther. I. Can’t. Shut. It. Off!

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The phone, and Dr. Phills voice!

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Quiet. I have to have noise to function. And the phone. Sometimes I just wanna take the phone and throw it against the wall.

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Repetitive, monotonous sounds. Like banging, honking, car alarms, regular alarms. Infuriating and impossible to shut out.

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People who give me nasty looks when I’m both eating and studying. Everyone has an mp3 player, put your headphones on already!

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The short answer is just as @Mikewlf337 said: everything bugs the hell out of me when I am trying to work or study. Especially myself.

When I have a deadline, I vacate to my mum’s office. Less programs installed on the desktop to distract me. People open the door to check in on occasion. This seriously pisses me off and I refuse to acknowledge their presence. I am working. Stay away.

I keep my headphones on, my music loud, and I talk to myself. I’m a total spazz. One day I should record the stuff that happens in that room as the night wears thin.

There are two periods of this coming up soon. One for my second set of commentaries for English Renaissance and another for my graduate school applications. Oh joy.

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People turning up uninvited! :-/

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When I’m in class studying and the teacher won’t shut his/her mouth. I can study with any other distraction except a teacher talking.

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Trying to work or study annoys me enough. Anything that distracts me from that is entirely welcome.

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Trumpets and foghorns. ;)

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If Judge Judy or Oprah or Maury is on TV and I’m somewhere where I can’t turn the TV off – drives me bonkers.

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Seeing someone else working on the same question always makes me lose my train of thought.

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My work involves completing various tasks, and I hate when I get distracted, then come back and find out I forgot what I was doing.

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Strangely, it depends on what I’m studying. If I have to read or write then I can’t be distracted at all, absolutely no music or TV in the background. But I swear, I could do calculus in the middle of a tornado without losing focus. XD

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Ear worms!! I got sent this one earlier today and I am ready to rip my frontal lobe out of my skull!! ;)) Make it go away!! XD

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I have a friend who tries to cheat off me.

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When I need to focus.. anything louder than ambiance… sometimes even people typing on their laptops.

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