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Long island city or jersey city?

Asked by skeh0138 (111points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone

Given the choice, which would you pick to move to?

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I think Long Island

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ha ha. I ask the question because they’re both on the economic and social periphery of the new York most people want to be near, so why pick one over the other? There must be some defining differences.

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What about Astoria or Bushwick?

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Long Island City is not in Long Island, but Queens

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New Jersey!!<3

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Long Island City is Astoria, Queens therefore is is part of our mass transit system. Jersey City is, well New Jersey, and you would have to use the PATH system to get into the city.

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buy? Rent? Big difference in locations.

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Jersey =]

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Well, I lived in Jersey City for the last 7 years and before in Queens. I know LIC well also. I think both cities have goods and bads. JC is only a couple stops away on Path train from NYC and is vibrant. Especially downtown JC is interesting. It does have nice feels like Hoboken or Brooklyn Heights. However, JC has high realty taxes for home owners. The Path train is different from Metro and you have to pay extra for that. You have to pay NJ income taxes, etc.

I think you could be good either in JC or LIC. However, if you want to own a house, LIC for lower taxes. :)

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