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What do Americans think of their new money?

Asked by faye (17810points) November 19th, 2010

My son just came home from Montana and had a purple tinted $5 bill. I’ve always been glad our Canadian money was different colors- so easy to pay the cab after that night out when reading is no longer a choice!

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Ah yes, another Clinton era legacy that older farts like me were/are none to thrilled about.

Leave the frikin’ money alone!

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I like it, I just don’t want my pockets filled with the US equivalent of Loonies and Twonies. I think your money is prettier.

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We have new money?

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Didn’t this happen a few years ago?

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I’m one of the weird ones that actually like the new 5s and the new 20s. The new 10s, not so much!

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There was a question awhile ago asking why U.S. currency wasn’t blind friendly, prompted by some new potential dollar designs, and I think this may be a step in the right direction. I know many think it’s a waste, but we should be thinking about the design of our money so that it’s efficiently done, not pretty. As it is now, people with vision impairment, particularly those who are blind, are much of the time at the mercy of the person giving them change to be honest. Resizing the money should be the next step so the bills have different sizes.

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I don’t care so much about the new paper money, but leave my damn Quarters alone! I want George on the front and the eagle on the back – not this different design for every state bullshit.

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The more colorful the more I like it !

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I would have preferred it stay more like it has been.

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