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Should women of other faiths, be treated differently than Muslim women?

Asked by josie (30931points) November 19th, 2010

One of the things that makes the TSA’s job ridiculously complicated and increasingly preposterous is the refusal to “profile”.
The governing principle against profiling is that we should all be treated the same because we are all the same until or unless one of us tries to blow up an airplane.
Of course, we are not all the same. Some people are violent, some are peaceful, some people are angry, some are content, some are sociopaths, some are benevolent, some are intent on killing Americans, some are not etc. And that is true in real time, not after a crime has been committed.
Plus if there was no concern that somebody just might blow up an airplane in the future, then there would be no TSA.
But that is apparently beside the point.
In the wake of the current controversy about the xray scanners and pat downs at airports, and in response to protests by CAIR,Janet Napolitano has floated a trial balloon that Muslim women may be allowed to refuse the scanner and perform their own pat down.
Seems OK to me.
When it occurs, it’s usually a Muslim man that wants to blow up airplanes, not Muslim women.
But having said that, what about women of other faiths? Or women of no faith. Or men?
Since we are all the same, and since we should be treated the same, shouldn’t we be allowed to do our own pat downs as well?
Or are we not really all the same?
But if we are not all the same, then some level of profiling would be rational.
Or would it?
I’m a little confused. Can some of you help me out?

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You’re confused because this situation was the inevitable outcome and reveals the stupidity of the procedures in general.

The choice between “We’ll x-ray you until you’re naked or feel your most private privates” is simply a culturally unsound practice. Considering that some cultures have deeply held beliefs regarding modesty/touching/etc., this procedure, already insulting to a lot of people who just don’t want to be groped, was sure to run up against this issue.

If it cannot be applied evenly, it should not be applied. If it is permissible to let people who claim a certain sensitivity through without being scanned or patted down, then the procedure is already permeable enough that it’s not going to stop any new attacks.

I’m kind of glad that’s happening, though – it’s just another nail in a hopefully rapidly-arriving coffin for these procedures.

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The whole idea of full-body scanners and pat-downs is appalling, and may still not catch anyone [like the guy with explosives in his shoes] buty this is the age we are in. Muslim women should submit to the same as anyone else. Muslim women blow things up [not necessarily because they want to but because they are told to] and their traditional dress allows far greater concealment of weaponry than most people’s dress. This is just politically correct bullshit.

However, the consequences will be further anger at the US from the Muslim world, and heightened threat. Damn, why did we waste our time with Saddam, who was secular, and totally alienate the Muslim world, when the hit should have been on Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in the first place.

We are in a no-win situation. We are either a Great Satan or a laughingstock.
transportation safety as reported by Mercer

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What a great link. I love it. Thanks for the best laugh of my day. Sort of…

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How would you know it was a muslim woman under the concealing clothes? Patting each other down? Teamwork? How can this be okay in any kind of security system? People can’t be married in Sears stores in Canada due to the risk of teamwork.

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Just to let you know, around 80% of the world’s most chosen or practiced religion is muslim. That’s why it’s always “muslims” that do said extreme actions. The whole practice of a body search and the body scan is completely for explosives only, nothing else. A body search will turn up a weapon, but when they did body searches and found explosives, the terrorist would early detonate. So to combat that, they started expanding X-ray technology in the airports till they got to a point where they feel comfortable that they could detect a bomb and lessen the damage from said hidden bomb. Plus it presents a kinda scare tactic. If you KNOW that they are scanning you so hard in the airport, it makes you want to change your plans around. But this doesn’t work 100% because they don’t screen this hard on any other transportation method but planes. And if history taught us anything, we are DEFINITELY not the same at all. The muslim religion by itself is seen as barbaric to most of the world, while they consider the rest of the world to be lesser than them. They consider the loss of life in a “war” to be the holiest thing that ever happened.

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Terrorist #1: “Ok Ackmed, here’s plan. You dress like woman, I pretend to pat you down in Airport.”

Terrorist #2: “Sounds like great plan Fahieed. Only, why don’t you dress as woman and I pretend to pat you down…”

Mullah Ramalamadingdong (upon hearing talk of pat downs): “You have both been caught red handed talking about blatant homosexual acts. You are to be executed immediately…”

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You said:
around 80% of the world’s most chosen or practiced religion is muslim

But also:
The muslim religion by itself is seen as barbaric to most of the world, while they consider the rest of the world to be lesser than them. sen or practiced religion is muslim.

If most of the world is choosing to be Muslim, how can most of the world view it as barbaric?

Finally, you said:
That’s why it’s always “muslims” that do said extreme actions.

FBI statistics have shown that only 6% of terrorist attacks in the U.S. are from Islamic extremist groups.

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Don’t forget to consider, that those who want to piss you off for their own benefit, will do do stuff to bring that situation about.
And so, may institute procedures to make that happen.

Just sayin.

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@Moegitto @iamthemob Really, just who can you believe!

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I think we should distrust everyone equally.

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