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What's your favorite PHP integrated development environment (IDE)?

Asked by camertron (2114points) November 19th, 2010

Just wondering what IDE all the PHP developers out there prefer. I’m currently using TextMate on the Mac but I think NetBeans is way better (I’ll probably switch soon!). What other ones do you guys like? Are there any better than NetBeans? (P.S. I’ve already tried Eclipse. It’s pretty complete, just not very… quick.)

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If I did PHP development, I’d probably use Coda:

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As a fluther employee, shouldn’t you be using komodo? ;)

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@phaedryx LOL some of us did in the past, but we’re (almost) all using PyCharm now.

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Thanks for teaching me the term IDE, would’ve been nice to know sooner though.

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@Zyx I figured most programmers would already know what IDE stood for.

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I’ve used Eclipse, but only because I’m familiar with it from Java development.

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