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Is there such thing as a working myspace tracker?

Asked by CCRHHS (55points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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I don’t use myspace myself, but there should be one. It is simple to just embed an image and then use the hits on it to see if anyone looks at your page and where they are from (general location). You would need to be able to identify specific ip addresses to know exactly who looks tho.

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Yes. I have one on mine. When you find one you want to use. NEVER give your Myspace password. That’s how alot of people get phised.

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It would be possible to see who has visited by IP address by implementing something like the free StatCounter (it would show you the IP address, referring page, physical location, date + time and some other stuff about every person who goes to your profile page), but I don’t know if those services which claim to track your MySpace profile hits would actually be able to tell you who looked at your profile.

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The tracer I have shows you who looked if they also have the same tracker on their myspace. But I know the IP address of all of my friends, so if they aren’t signed up, I can still tell. My page is set to private, so if it’s an unkonwn, I don’t really worry about it because they can’t see anything anyway.

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