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I have 4 little bumps on my top lip and they have been there for a while?

Asked by analeigh (5points) November 19th, 2010

they arent herpes or coldsore or anything like that.

they dont hurt me but they feel like hard balls on my upper lip. i just dont know what they are and how could i get rid of them? /=

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You should consider seeing a dermatologist (skin doctor).

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If they are small and white or pink, it could be Fordyce’s condition. They aren’t contagious, so there is no worry there. Here is another link about causes and cures.

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I am taking my mother to the dermatologist’s next week for a little hard bump that appeared on the skin just above her mouth. The area is called the philtrum. It showed up suddenly several weeks ago; that is usually the red flag. It feels like a tiny pea under my finger.

Dermatologist will use nitrous oxide probably. Briefly uncomfortable but bearable.

We should all pay attention to skin things that pop up almost overnight.

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@Pied_Pfeffer A little heads up on the penis pictures would have been nice…

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