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Why would someone put their finger on your engagement ring? I find that really unclassy and just plain disgusting?

Asked by suzie271 (284points) November 20th, 2010

Everyone knows that a finger is something that naturally creates oils so why would you do that?
So far two of my collegues at work rubbed their finger on my stone while looking at it at work?
It annoyed the hell out of me.
However it happened so fast I didn’t have time to respond to it.
Am i just freaking out unnecessarily ?
By the way it is a diamond engagement ring

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I’m guessing that your ring is very, very new. You’ll probably calm down about stuff like this over time. Trust me when I say that it will get a lot dirtier just from every day wear than it will from anyone touching it.

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this is the least of your problems.

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Diamond is the hardest substance on earth. Oils from dirty fingers won’t harm it in any way.

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Am i just freaking out unnecessarily ?


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If you don’t want people to admire your ring don’t show it to people, don’t wear it and avoid mentioning your engaged.

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As @jca said,this is the least of your problems ;)

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Diamonds are used to cut glass and cut into mountains for mining. I can’t imagine that anyone touching your diamond would cause anything worse than a fingerprint. Relax.

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Maybe they believe that, like rubbing the Buddha’s belly for luck, rubbing your engagement ring will bring them jewelry for Christmas.

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I think it is unusual to rub the ring.

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I think touching someone’s hand at work to get a better look at their ring is pretty weird myself.

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@BarnacleBill when I’m at work I often have to lift up peoples butt cheeks to get a better look at their ring.

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Are you showing it off to them? Maybe they are just trying to be polite and admiring.

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Maybe it’s a decent size and they just want to touch it and think you wouldn’t have any objections. Kind of like putting your hands on a pregnant woman’s stomach. I’m sure no one is thinking about oils. Everyone likes sparkly things, doncha know?

Do you want to stop it? Or do you think this is just something pretty rare?

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Cant you get it cleaned and polished at any jewelry shop for free? My aunt does it all the time.

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I can see that it would be annoying, but not a reason to freak out. @wundayatta I thought immediately of rubbing hands on a pregnant woman’s belly. Now that freaked me out a bit when I was pregnant.

I guess they just liked your pretty ring and didn’t think before they touched. People won’t still be trying to touch it when you’re an old married lady, don’t worry.

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Touch is one of our senses. It doesn’t get as much traffic as the eyes, but it’s dang handy for getting texture data. Gold doesn’t tarnish, anyway, and I’ve not heard of diamonds going bad, either.

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