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How do you accessorize a uniform?

Asked by awacting (801points) November 20th, 2010

So you all did a great job of answering my other fashion question so this one is for all of you who go to a school with uniform. I have to wear navy and khaki all the time. We’re allowed to wear any kind of jewelry and shoes as long as our earrings aren’t bigger than a quarter, but i’ve never really tried make it work for me. Any ideas on what I could wear with khaki and navy blue to make my uniform less boring?

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Gold small hoop earrings and a gold chain around your neck.

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My daughters wore uniforms, but plaid or gray.

Headbands – depending on your personal style, you can do stuff with your hair and accessories. Wide fabric headbands like these are eclectic, and you can pin things to them. If it’s a solid color, you can add words or drawings to them. My daughter raised a boatload of money for a club at school making and selling this kind of headband.

Jewelry and bracelets – make suff yourself, check out Etsy, or hit small shops that specialize in handmade or vintage costume jewelry.

Unless the school specifies that you have to wear a certain type of khaki or navy style pants or skirt, check out vintage clothing or thrift stores items that would work. You can often find men’s khakis that fit, that have been washed enough so they don’t look like uniform clothing.

Can you wear colored tanktops under the shirt, and a few more buttons unbuttoned? This would show off necklaces better.

Shoes are always a big deal with uniforms. Chucks are always good.

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@BarnacleBill unfortunately, we are only allowed to wear navy or white under our shirts. One time a friend wore black under it and they made her change.

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i wear uniform in my middle school i dont like it a bit and we can wear jewerly but i choose not to .

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Silver jewelry. Subtle is best. Don’t add layers of necklaces or add a ring on every finger. One necklace, one ring and a pair of earrings. It’s just enough to add some pizzazz to your uniform.

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