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What's the best way to soothe a cold?

Asked by wenwen (331points) November 20th, 2010

I have a cold, and my throat is really sore & I can’t breath through my nose. How can I help myself?

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Steam is really great for a stuffy nose. Make sure you drink lots of liquids to help keep the mucus thinned out. Gargling with salt water can help a sore throat. I usually take Mucinex.

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I agree with @BarnacleBill. Make sure some of that liquid you drink is Sprite, or something like it. Always helps me somewhat.

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Sprite? Is that medicinal? lol :)

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Lol. For some cases, yes :P Sprite has some nice properties to it haha.

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A hot drink of honey and lemon.
Also menthol crystals in a bowl of hot water will clear a blocked up nose.
Hope you soon feel better :)

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Honey lemon and ginger.

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Hot tea, and hyssop tea is healing for sore throats and coughs. Otherwise I get a decongestant pill and noe spray into me pdq. I can’t stand not to breathe!

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Chicken soup.

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I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. When I catch a cold, the things that I find comforting are facial tissues with lanolin, really good chicken soup with Saltines, hot tea with lemon, strong cough drops (like Chloroseptic) and orange Gatorade. When I was working, I’d take Sudafed. Mentholatum is also soothing on the nostrils.

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A good foot massage and 2 fingers of Scotch.

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If you don’t object to alcohol, a hot toddy may be soothing. Put one or two tablespoons of brandy in a cup of boiling water. Add one teaspoon of sugar and a squeeze of lemon. Get comfortable with your feet up. Drink slowly. The steam will clear your sinuses and you may fall asleep. This is not a cure; it may ease you through the worst of the cold.

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