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It's been out for about a year now. Have you seen and what do you think of the movie Sherlock Holmes?

Asked by GracieT (7390points) November 20th, 2010

I saw it, but didn’t really like it because it wasn’t really like the way the character was originally conceived. If you did, what did you think? If not, why not?

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I enjoyed the movie, but only because I was able to accept that it had nothing to do with the writing of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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I saw the film over the holiday last year with my family. It was a good film to watch together (adventurous and amusing, a bit visually cluttered, and lacking in interesting female characters, but pleasant overall.) It was a fun movie, a trifle campy and with pleasing eye candy. It’s certainly not my favourite incarnation of the detective, but I did not go to the theater expecting to see the Sherlock and Watson from my imagination.

It’s unlikely that I will watch the second film in theaters, but I will probably rent in from RedBox or Netflix whenever it is released on DVD.

Now the second series of BBC’s Sherlock… that’s another story! :)

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I thought it was fun. In the same way that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was. I don’t read Doyle and rarely watch Sherlock Holmes-based movies, so it was the first one that I saw where Mr Holmes fought.

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I enjoyed it. I especially liked the characterization of Watson.

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It was good if you can accept the complete departure from Doyle’s Holmes.

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It was Holmes changed into House, then back into Holmes.
Sherlock was never so physical, and I didn’t care for that. The movie is a bit of fun, but I didn’t like it enough to get it on DVD.

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I hated it. It was boring, had many fewer action sequences than promised, and Holmes had a kind of smug arrogance about him that didn’t suit the character either the book character or the film character at all. I did, however, like that Watson had backbone in the movie, something he seems to lack a lot in the books.

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A decent enough buddy movie and fun Victoriana but I was dismayed at the travesty it made of the Holmesian tradition.

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I liked it just for for fun. They didn’t keep to the books for sure but i agree about eye candy.

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I was disappointed.

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It was the filmic equivalent of a Kit-Kat bar. Contrived, consumable, but ultimately forgettable. After all, do you recall the best Kit-Kat you ever ate, or the feast at Grandma’s? Similarly, I recall Brazil with appreciation and thoughtfulness on its themes, whereas when watching Sherlock Holmes, I was counting how many times there was Ho-Yay! in the scenes (and kind of waiting for Jude and Robert to somehow make out).

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^ Yes, the whole manly love theme was interesting.

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I liked it. I learned a long time ago not to expect a movie to be like any book it may or may not have been based off of because you will be disappointed majority of the time if you do. Instead, I always look at movies as standing alone and unrelated to the books.

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“Sherlock was never so physical”

So… Am I the only one who ever remembers that Holmes was trained in boxing, martial arts, fencing and sword-fighting? Conan Doyle’s canon doesn’t show it much (I assume because Holmes is a bit older in canon) but it’s mentioned. So what fun would it be to make an adaptation where he’s younger and doesn’t use those skills? Boooooring!

Anyway, I liked it enough to pirate it so I can watch it when I’m in the mood for eye candy and an adrenaline rush. It’s not great cinema or anything. It’s just fun.

(And I can’t wait for the sequel. SO HAPPY with the casting of Mycroft and Moriarty. SO SO HAPPY.)

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@MacBean Oh fuck a duck, it slipped my mind that Fry was cast as Mycroft! Guess I will be seeing it in theaters after all :)

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@muppetish – Yeah, right? Man.

OK, SH2 will be the equivalent of a burger at Corner Bistro.

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Indeed. Holmes was quite adept at Bartitsu.

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@muppetish FRYCROFT. WHEEEEEE!!!

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I am not very good at watching movies but for some reason I really enjoyed Sherlock Holmes! I knew nothing of the story line and don’t care much for action movies but thought it was enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised :)

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I enjoyed it. I loved the crazy world they inhabited in.
Would you call it steampunk?

Usually I find the choreography of Western combat terribly unsubtle compared to Asian martial art, but this was surprisingly fresh. I also liked the rapport between Jude Law and Robert Downing Jr.

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I thought it was an interesting take on the duo, true it was only Sherlock Holmes in name, but for the sake of entertainment it was definitely a good flick.

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Entirely boring and predictable. Really not much imagination in the storyline and Homes was far too arrogant. Also, the sets were all really dark and visually unappealing. Ultimately forgettable.

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