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Anyone else see Akira? Recommend any movies?

Asked by Zyx (4160points) November 20th, 2010

I saw bits of it when I was really young as my dad had just bought it on video but he wouldn’t let me see it ‘till I was older. I remember for the longest time all I wanted was to see it. And then I did and it was awesome. I haven’t seen it in a while now so I guess I’ll invite some friends over.

I love how it completely combines fantasy and science fiction. But that’s not really what I’m asking about.

Mindblowing movies?

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The last movie that blew my mind was The Matrix.

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The Matrix is not a movie that needs any more advertisement.

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I haven’t seen Akira, but I think you might like “Fist of the North Star”.

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@Zxy no but it’s sad that there are so few films capable of blowing minds.

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There have been only two Anime movies that I really enjoyed. One of them was Akira. The other was Crying Freeman. (Although the live action version of Crying Freeman sucked ass).

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Pandorum is a really dark bit of science fiction.

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@fundevogel I’ll check that out. I suspect this movie heavily influenced Stargate Universe.

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Akira is top shelf, setting the standard for all other anime to follow. It was a game changer for sure.

I’ve been a huge fan of Naruto, and Naruto Shippudden for years. Started watching it with my son on Cartoon Network when he was six years old. It’s become too dark and was removed, but we still get the manga and subtitled anime online from Japan. He’ll be fifteen years old very soon and we still sit down and watch it weekly.

The Japanese anime was always about six months ahead of the US version. US version was very watered down. The manga is about six months ahead of the Japanese anime.

Any one episode would not compare to Akira. But taking the entire series as a whole it is phenomenal with twisted interacting story lines. The message is positive, but always presented in a dark way. Very thoughtful and deeply psychological series.

Hard to find on the internet. You can get the mangas at any large book store.

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Ghost in the Shell.

It doesn’t really have fantasy elements to it, but it is incredible anime.

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