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If Space is emptiness, what does gravity grab to bend it? (Strange Universe series)

Asked by ETpro (34503points) November 20th, 2010

We think of space as nothingness. Sure there is the occasional hydrogen or helium atom floating around in it, but we think of it as mostly an empty vacuum. But it must be something quite different from nothingness, because you can’t bend nothingness. It would look the same bent as straight. Since bent space around a massive object doesn’t behave like unbent space, obviously you can tell the difference between “bent” and “straight” space. So what is space, and what does gravity act on to bend it?

This is a continuation in the Strange Universe series.
1—If photons have no mass, why are they affected by gravity?
2—What does it take to convert energy into mass?
3—How does the universe impose its fractal-like patterns of order on chaotic systems?
4—How small can the repetitive fractal features of nature get?
5—How can the most distant quasar be 28 Billion light years away?
6—Can nothing exist without the Universe?
7—How can order emerge out of chaos?
8—Where is the center of the Universe?
9—If CERN proves there are parallel universes, will you move?
10—If the universe expands at faster than the speed of light, does it begin to go back in time?
11—What is the expanding universe expanding into?
12—Big Bang Theory—How can you divide infinity into a single finite whole?
13—How would you answer this speed-of-light question?
14—What happens when the expansion of the Universe reaches the speed of light?
15—What’s your Strange Universe example to illustrate Sir Arthur Eddington’s quote?

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Well, if we accept some of the string theory perceptions of the universe, considering that there are 10 or 26 dimensions aside from the three we clearly and fourth we kind of see…what we perceive as emptiness is, more than likely, emptiness only because we lack the tools and the math at this point to see what’s really there.

Then again, it could just be leprachauns.

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That may be the explanation. But so far, other than the fact that 11 and 26 dimensional strong theories work mathematically, there isn’t any observable evidence to support there being any such thing as strongs or branes. I honestly don’t know what Cosmologists wupporting the Standard Model say in answer to this question, but it seems like a logical thing to ask. So there must be an answer.

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Space has the appearamce of nothing but it is actually the opposite.
It is all things in their perfect and unlimited,
It is all consciousness and light all united and is one.
It is soft because it is accomodating.
It is absolut thus unchanging in its nature.
It is evelasting and exist within and without time.
space is that whoch IS.

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@kess That is so poetically beautiful. And yet while I cannot scientifically challenge a single assertion of your answer, it still leaves me not knowing how gravity acts on space. :-)

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Gravity is the opposite of space.
it is hard and unmoving, heavy because it isforever collapsing wothin its own self and can never amount to anything.
This is the mater/material component in all things and they derive their nature from It.

This earth is fomed space within gravity and from it we have the formation of time.

Gravity can do nothing with Space, but Space can do what soever it wishes with gravity.

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@kess These are wonderful metaphysical answers, but I am looking here for a scientific answer. If gravitational force is carried by gravitions, I get how they can impace and attract a proton. But what do these bosons react with in space itself to distort it?

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Etpro all knowledge is one and all things seemlessly coincide which each other.

Now when ignorance is joined with knowledge. it splits it up into many different segments and levels. This causes things to appear disjointed and unrelated so we have different subject areas. This not so because of knowledge but only because of ignorance.

For example the principle which gives the atom it stability is the same principle by which this this age it stabilized.

Lets Take this scientific concept of Time/Space relationship, where we have space equal to time and distances are measured in (Lightyears). This concept takes into consideration that gravity will always have an effect on space.
But this is false cause they (space /gravity) both have opposite natures.

Space is full and keeps on filling itself, while gravity is empty and keeps on emptying itself.

So by these natures you can see that Space can fill gravity but it is impossible for gravity to fill space.

Now Time is the product of Space affecting Gravity, and if you take gravity away from Space, you would see that it takes no time to travel any distance, it matters not how great the distance.

I definitely not a student of metaphysics and I am barely a high school science student.
But I do know what truth is.

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@ETpro – It seems that he who claims to have been given knowledge is ironically the same as he who refuses to accept any when offered, or to offer it clearly to those who ask. ;-)

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@iamthemob I learn S L O W L Y…

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