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Can I mulch oak leaves?

Asked by submariner (4160points) November 20th, 2010

Oak leaves decompose very slowly. Does this mean I should not mow them into a mulch on my lawn, and I should not put them in a compost pile? Do I have to rake them up and bag them?

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“groovy, your oak leaves are a perfect natural mulch for your azaleas.”

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On a lawn use extra ground limestone. It can also be put in the compost pile, same thing extra lime.

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If you have a lot of oak trees and thus huge piles of leaves, simply make your flower garden all acid-loving plants.

(Rhododendrons, azaleas, lilacs, dogwoods, clethra, gardenias, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, viburnum, cedars, camelias,)

Gorgeous acid-loving plants

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Mulch them first and put them in your compost pile with other ingredients such as coffee grounds from your coffee maker and peat as well as other amendments. Stir and let it ferment before putting it under your acid loving shrubs.

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Thanks for your responses. I’m trying to get out of raking them, as you’ve probably guessed. I like the idea of a berry patch—I live in Michigan, which is a great state for berries.

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