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Does it irritate you when friends copy things you like? And why are my friends copying me?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) November 20th, 2010

So simple question….Kind of… how much does it irritate you when a friend of yours copies things you do/like? It irritates me a lot, especially when someone doesn’t really like it and they do it just do sort of please you in a way…But over I have this issues with most of the girl type friends I have copying me on what I like….One example would be my friend creating a fursona….Another would be my friend liking to paw off even though she doesn’t even have…..And others too, but how much does it irritate you? And why are they torturing me with this???

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As they say, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I happen to agree with that statement. Maybe try to be less irritated and see how flattering it is that someone likes and admires you enough to want to try the things you like. That’s how I look at it.

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Are you sure she just wasn’t interested in making a fursona, or that the other one doesn’t just happen to like possibly giving handjobs or something along those lines?

otherwise I’m agreeing with @MissAnthrope on this one, there’s a difference between mimicking to spite and mimicking in possible flattery/admiration/something along those lines.

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My girlfriends from my spiritual circle and I all then to imitate each other. We even have gotten together to trade clothing we are no longer attached to. I think it’s flattering. It’s a sign of our love for each other. But I have to say that no one at work would imitate me. I dress like a bohemian goddess most of the time. Ain’t many people that can pull that off in a modern workplace but then I’m an artist and expressive that way so I can get away with it.

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Is it possible that they found these things and found they have an interest in them because of you? I’ve had many friends introduce me to something they liked that I had never seen/heard before and I ended up liking it.

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Why are you so obsessed with what other people are doing? Just do your own thing and ignore what others do.

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@Winters So “paw off” means hand job? Who knew?

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@chyna hahaha I actually looked it up to make sure it meant what my dirty mind thought it meant and two of the three definitions match up with meeting Palmela Handerson and her five daughters and the other one covers both genders. so in that case, @Vincent_Lloyd what’s wrong if she like to flick the bean and she learned self gratification from you?

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I hate it when I am copied or followed. I prize my individuality and uniqueness and when someone follows or copies me, as complementary as it is, I feel like my individuality is a little bit lost.

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@Winters lmao because for one she doesn’t have one of those manly parts to do so, and two she doesn’t even know what it means!

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So she just says she likes to paw off? Could it be that she wants to feel like she’s part of a group and thinks that by saying that she likes to paw off the group will welcome her to their fold?

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I don’t really know, but she’s liked all this other stuff after she’s looked at my page millions of times of all my poems, notes and likes and whatever else there is, and she’s liked stuff that no one ever likes since they’ve never really known about it. pretty much only I have I’m assuming. But I can’t agree weather or not she’s wanting to be a part of pawing off as a group…So either way…..I’m not sure on that.

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Your not alone, I hate when people copy me too. It’s because when I was younger there was this girl who always used to copy me, and I think thats where it comes from. But I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable, it’s kind of like a threat to your person.

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Are you sure they are copying you? Is everything you do completey your own thing or did you get it from someone else?

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I thought of an instance where “copying” is a problem…at least it was for me and occasionally continues to be. On occasion I have associates who take my material who are in seniority over me and they take total credit for my work and contributions. It rather pisses me off royal because they often make much more money than I. It’s a misuse of power to be sure and it has at least more currently prevented me from rising in the ranks. I could be very aggressive about exposing in an even more underhanded way but it would really burn reputations…a tactic that I really deplore using. I have taken to denying the use of what I now call my intellectual property and put my copyr.on everything I have written or compiled into another form with proof so that this ceases to occur.

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I’m always happy when my friends and relatives end up liking the same things that I do. It beats the alternative or having everyone hating the things that are important to you and dealing animosity or having to continually explain why something appeals to you.

I like to try new things, especially with making food and making art. I love it when one of my cousins or friends eats something I’ve made or sees something I’ve made and wants to try it too. We like to “share the wealth.” The more the merrier.

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Well I know most people think it’s flattering, it was flattering to know they look up to me. But really now, it’s starting to irritate me….I didn’t so call copy the things I do. I always liked pawing off ever since I was 9 or younger or so…..I’ve always had a feeling I belonged somewhere, so the furry fandom I became apart of later on after figuring out my fursona and so on and so on….Just that I know these girls are only copying me just to please me in a way. You know what I mean? But it’s not as nearly pleasing as it sounds…

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Yes. It most certainly does! So why are you copying me? LOL

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