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The Name Jesus, is it really His name?

Asked by kess (3917points) November 20th, 2010

Christians make a lot of fuss about the man whom they called Jesus.

They say as, he has said and it is written, that many things can be accomplished in His name.

But which name was he refferring to?

Is it the name men called him or…...

The name he called himself?

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Jeffery Labowski, aka The Dude.

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Sorry, but this simply doesn’t make any sense- can you try to clarify it? I really don’t jave a clue what you’re trying to say:

“Surely those who claim to have his name clearly do not do the works as He said they should. And the works they actually do can be easily ascribe as the works of darkness again as He said they would do.
These are the christians with the name Jesus.”

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Why would his name matter? His teachings aren’t enough?

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Uhhhhhhh… I heard the pronunciation was more like Jaweh, but I am sure that was not the point.

Are you thinking that “in my name” means something literal, rather than just meaning what it means, such as “stop, in the name of the law!” (or, “stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart”) i.e. meaning, doing some under the direction/authority/inspiration of.

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The name by which we refer to him has no bearing on who he is and what he’s done for us. Call him Jesus, call him Yaweh, call him Yeshua, call him Jehova, call him whatever you want. He’s still the same man.

And we believe we have good reason to make a “fuss” over him. Don’t belittle that.

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@crisw you understanding is perfect…

The problem with christians is that they got the name wrong… don’t you think?

I believe your true name would be the one you would accept for yourself….

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Interesting question. On one hand, there’s now real way of knowing what his real name truly was, if not Jesus. On the other hand, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. People know who he is, plus the guy’s been dead for 2000 years.

It’s kind of like pen names and stage names. People may not know what Madonna or Mark Twain’s real names are, and those names may be lost with time, but our respect and knowledge of that person as part of history is unchanged.

Also, I can’t see people freaking out if it suddenly came to light that Jesus’s real name was Steve. He still would be Jesus to most people. (If it turned out to be Mohammad, I bet some people would get upset, though.)

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I know that it can be confusing when you consider the father the son and the holy ghost. Jesus Christ works for me.

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His name was actually Yeshua, which is Aramaic for “Jesus.”

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I think what counts is that we call on him. Lots of jellies don’t have children and don’t get the parallels but it is similar to when my children turn their faces to me and want my attention, love and response. What they call me would be the least of my concerns.

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His name was Hesus, which is Hebrew, and Christos is greek for the messiah.

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That’s what the bible says..
And the name is prounounced differently in many other languages, that still doesn’t make him a different person, does it? Rhetorical.

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