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Who is pissed that you bought a iPhone and now Apple is releasing a 3G iphone ?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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I’m not, but sounds like you are

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I feel bad for the people that bought at cul price. I got mine used and don’t feel so bad. They should allow trade-ins.

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Put yours on Craigslist and upgrade – it’ll cost you $150.

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did i miss a product announcement? as far as I know, the 3g iPhone has not been introduced. just rumors.

of course, I’m pissed that I bought a car now that there are rumors of personal jetpacks…

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I was pissed when they dropped the price from 600 to 400. But that was because it was less than two months after it’s initial release. But this is a year after it’s been released. That is a long time.. If you bought it last June. It probably does does for those who only just recently bought theirs.

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Wha? When? Is it different in any other important ways?

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I hope they did a trade in with maybe a small upgrade fee

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I don’t care about watching TV on my phone, but I like the fact that I can get data just about anywhere, and that’s not the case right now with 3G. I’m happy enough with EDGE/WiFi.

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I said this from the beginning. You should never buy an apple product right when it’s released. There are always going to be upgrades and better versions. When you buy anything, you have to accept the fact that there will be newer better things in the future, the question is how much you really want it Now.

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Exactly. I bought mine when they came out, and really didnt care that they lowered the price. They gave the credit, which was cool. The point is, you bought it because you wanted it and probably loved it. Now if an improved one comes out, who cares. Do you trade in your girlfriend or wife every time you see a girl with a nicer butt or better body? That’s life man. Technolgy changes daily. I guess you could wait another year or five to get an even better phone! Welcome to consumerism.

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I agree wholly with stevenb…get used to it; realize that you are using a fantastic product, nevertheless, while others choose to wait, and wait…

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Apple made a “press release” on April 1st saying the “3G iPhone will be expected to be released on may 9th, 2008 in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Japan, and China.” they claimed the price would be 600 dollars, and that those that wished to preview the device could do so at the CTIA taking place in Las Vegas April 1–3

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@bsilver can you cite your source? i have not heard of such a release.

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it was an April fools day joke, that was circulated among different discussion boards, my dad emailed me the story thinking it was real, then again the following day to tell me it was a prank.
Not sure how far it was spread, but you never know.

I probably should have mentioned that before, sorry.

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This may be the closest thing to a prediction that you’ll find on the internet at present. Again, purely speculation-no official announcements from Apple or AT&T to date.

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