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How to make a guy feel extremely uncomfortable ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) November 21st, 2010

This is kind of a not so serious question, but I want to know ways to make a guy feel really uncomfortable, either by me texting,or in conversation ?

Something funny or just wacky that would make a guy feel really weird and awkward.

Thanks !

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Why do you want to make someone else uncomfortable?

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While you are talking to him, just reach out and brush something invisible off his shoulder, a girl i used to work with used to do that to me, used to make me real uneasy. I still have no idea what it was all about.

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Women already do that. You don’t know what goes through our minds when we try to tell a woman how we feel. There is a chance she will freak out and make us look like creeps.

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Stare at their nose and then keep scratching or rubbing your finger underneath your nose.

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It depends on the guy. For example 70% of women make me feel extremely uncomfortable and that is without them even trying. You could try looking at his clothes in a slightly puzzled way as if there is something not quite right.

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Just ask him what he’s thinking about. For some reason, that freaks guys out.

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You could talk obsessively about an ex-boyfriend. Or go on and on about how much you want to get married and start having kids, and pretend you have all their names picked out (for all six of them!) and what your dream house looks like.

There are endless possibilities. It is not hard to make a guy feel uncomfortable. Be creative :)

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Well sorry, you can’t make a man feel uncomfortable. A man chooses to be uncomfortable or not. You may be capable of steering his choice, but it’s still his choice nonetheless.

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@janbb You’re right, it does.

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btw… I’m kind of uncomfortable answering this question.

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Depending on the guy, you could talk about anal sex with him being the one receiving it.

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Just curious why you would want to play games with this guy (or any guy)? Making people feel uncomfortable on purpose is really crappy.

If this is somebody that you don’t like, or someone that has made you feel uncomfortable, STOP texting and talking to him! Don’t be around or interact or communicate with people that make you feel lousy or uncomfortable.

If this person is someone that you have to work with and there is a problem with him, make notes of his inappropriate behavior, with dates, and then speak to your Human Resources manager. Solve the problem, don’t play into it.

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@janbb – That freaks guys out because 90% of the time, regardless of the actual conversation you’re having, the guy is thinking about what it would take to get in your pants. But he obviously can’t tell you that (unless you’re already lovers), so he has to think of some lie that sounds plausible.

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“Making people feel uncomfortable on purpose is really crappy.”

A little poke and jab never hurt anyone. It’s not so out of line to put a crook into someones soup to check their character. You can find out a lot about a person, beyond how they want to be perceived, simply by putting a harmless little fly in the ointment.

The military does it all the time specifically to build character in young men. I know this is not that serious, but a real man should be able to handle a practical joke with no problem whatsoever.

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Tell him you threw away the pink handcuffs in favor of the blue studded strap on while you were with your last boyfriend and wait for the expression on his face.

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BTW… Asking what he’s thinking about doesn’t work with every guy. Ask me what I’m thinking about and you’ll probably be the one who feels weird and awkward (depending on the day).

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Ask him if he thinks you’re fat (Guys never know how to answer that), and then get really upset at whatever answer he gives.

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I bet if a man asked this question women will think he’s a POS!

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It really depends on the person involved because some can deal with almost every situation comfortably while others are the complete opposite. A few methods that’ll work on most ordinary men is talking about your period or even masturbation to him (assuming you’re not in a relationship). Basically anything he wouldn’t be accustomed to discussing with you. Getting seriously upset is an almost surefire way to make a guy feel uncomfortable, but don’t go so far as tears; that’s beyond uncomfortable.

@janbb – Ed Byrne, one of my favourite comedians, sums this up well.

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Imagine what would make you feel really uncomfortable, weird or awkward.
Then if it still seems like a good idea (and I can’t imagine why it would), simply turn the tables.

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“I think we should have a baby.”

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Assuming he’s straight, tell him your gay friend coming into town. You think they’d make a good pair and should hook up.

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Be a woman.

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Call or text him and say “We need to talk” or “I have something to tell you”. No matter how much he probes, tell him you won’t discuss it until you two are face-to-face. It’ll drive him crazy wondering what HE did wrong or what your going to say.

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If you met me the only thing you would need to do is to come up to me and smile. I’m so darn shy it would probably made me wanting disappear down a black hole or something…

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Such childish behavior.

Manipulation is not cool, it is manipulative.

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Uncomfortable for what purpose?

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I’d like to remind everyone of the levity the OP requests…

“Something funny or just wacky that would make a guy feel really weird and awkward.”

It sounds pretty harmless to me. He may even appreciate the attention. We shouldn’t automatically assume diabolical purpose.

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Point at his groin. Laugh.

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ask him about his penis size, and tell him that you’ll suck it if it meets your requirements.

no matter what he says, laugh and say “thats fucked up”

then walk away

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You could try setting his jacket on fire.

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Try punching him in the nuts xD A female friend of mine used to ALWAYS do it to me! Good times LOL

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Tell him you have AIDS.

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For the people who are asking WHY, this is just for fun ! I wasn’t asking in a MEAN or rude way, just for laughs :)

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies – Yes exactly what I was thinking.

This question wasn’t very serious, only for laughs.

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This was for laughs people, lol

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@Coloma I disagree; a really smooth, very classy piece of manipulation, one so good that the target is convinced that it was his own idea in the first place, that is cool.

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don’t be giving her any ideas @Nullo

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You can’t post questions that are just for laughs in the General Section!

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Are you in training to be a dictator or something? lol
Hmmmm…..well, while I certainly could find creative methods for messing with others minds, it’s not my style, but…not for lack of ability! haha ;-)

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@Coloma My area of emphasis in college was public relations. :D

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Pick your nose. And take your time while you’re at it. If he’s still comfortable about it, show him the content.

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Ask him if he has hair down there and if he shaves it. (some guys take that as a turn-on though)

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Tell him that your the product of incest but that the doctor says the chromosome abnormalities are minimal, LOL.

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Ask him if he believes all the bullshit your ex put up on the website he made about you. Then pull out your smart phone and show it to him.

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