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Which horror movies that you've seen have left you feeling disappointed?

Asked by ucme (46512points) November 21st, 2010

Yeah, just didn’t do it for you. A real let down. Maybe you hated the entire movie or perhaps enjoyed parts but were fundamentally unmoved by the experience. I mean, the whole point of a horror movie is to be scared at some point is it not?

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I think that the horror movie is an incredibly complex genre, evidenced by the fact that it’s really, really difficult to get it right. SO many are disappointed.

But I think that the most significant in my mind recently was the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. It really missed so many important points of the original.

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Im disappointed that they are trying to remake classics that shouldn’t be tampered with in the first place. Hollywood doesn’t have the talent to make such classics anymore.

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Event Horizon, I’m a big sci-fi fan and that movie is based in space, but it was just predictable and sad to watch. The scene where the guy pulls out his eyes was obviously supposed to be scary, but the make up was so bad and the acting so terrible that i literally just laughed out loud like a drunken klingon.

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Blair Witch Project

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Pretty much anything by M. Night Shyamalon.

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@Supacase The Blair Witch Project was a pile of horse sh*t

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Every hollywood remake of either a 70’s/80’s classic or foreign language film. Seriously, adding a load of gore does not make something scary.

If you watch The Blair Witch Project today it doesn’t work. 3 kids out in the forest without a map nowadays would whip out their iphones and be home in time for supper

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The Ring. I walked out of the theater. In all fairness, I don’t like “horror” movies.. unless they are incredibly cheesy and hilarious. 99.9% of them are not “scary” in any sense of the word.

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The recent Nightmare on Elm St. remake. Sadly disappointing and where is the original Freddie Kruger??! Bullshit.

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I just watched “Drag Me to Hell” .... srsly wtf

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The Shining.

The Jack Torrance character instilled zero fear in me.

He plodded along at about 2 mph, I had no trouble seeing that he was carrying an axe, and he swung it with minimal coordination and effectiveness.

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All of them nowadays. I miss the psychological suspense and the tricks that you couldn’t see coming.

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Just watched Legion and The Crazies. Total fucking garbage.

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I haven’t seen one that was realistic enough but just weird enough to scare me since Cujo and the one about the car, can’t think of the name, but both early Stephen King.

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I feel like our American Horror films are falling short of the mark since the 1970–80’s. You could consider the timing, in conjunction with the generation x & the present generation of millennials. The ability to create mood and truthful emotional experiences came from the connection the writing had when expressing the ideas that generation provoked in the one before. We seem to missing that deep rooted form of connected writing and because of this many of the current films are remakes or rely on devices everyone has seem before. There are also some larger idea’s for this genre that don’t usually make it into the mainstream hollywood production, that is to say the fearful concepts that could be too dark to show, somethings never change. The corruption of innocence for example when a character or antagonist is child this usually provokes an emotional response in people, because of the largely shared concepts that are being played with, what children represent in most societies and in our own here in the US.

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The American Godzilla movie from a few years ago, set in New York, where there were baby raptorzillas hatching, comes immediately to mind. Yawn, bad.

If Alien versus Predator counts, ugh.

Those are just the awful ones that jump out at me, from the few I’ve actually seen in theaters. I don’t usually have very high expectations of horror films, though, so I’m rarely disappointed.

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The remake of The Crazies; I expected more based on the cast and that Romero stated they stayed true to his original. I did manage to laugh at times during it, but it fell flat. Most remakes blow.

I didn’t have high expectations for the new Nightmare on Elm Street or some of the others mentioned, so they didn’t leave me disappointed. Jackie Earle Haley is a phenomenal actor; while he’s no Robert Englund, he did a great job. He brought a different kind of creep factor to me. Maybe that’s because I’ve seen him play a pedophile in Little Children. I had no clue who the other people were in the movie and they were all terrible actors.

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@syz GA all the way. M. Night needs to STOP MAKING MOVIES.

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@rooeytoo The one with the car would be Christine.
There’s another movie with a haunted car, this one a blue car…an older movie. All I remember is the lady driving inside and then when she turns off the inside light, choked breathing sounds start, and they stop when she turns on the light…I can’t remember the name, but I think it was Christine too, unless I’m sorely mistaken.

Well, no horror movie ever disappoints me. But I did see Lake Placid 3 yesterday, and I’m of the mind that for a movie about oversized crocodiles, there could have been a little more violence in this, haha.

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@Symbeline – yep Christine, that’s the one.

And speaking of croc movies, there were 2 made in the NT and both were pretty scary if you lived there and knew that indeed crocs lurk everywhere. One was called Black Water and the other was Rogue. Both were pretty believable and scary enough for me!

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@ucme honey? Do you know the medical terminology for lots more wbc’s on the slide than can be counted? “TNTC”. Too numerous to count. I could shorten the list by stating the movies that did not disappoint.
30 Days of night. The Thing. Das Boot. 28 Days later. Dawn of the Dead, Day of the dead, Return of the Living dead I and II. Evil Dead I and II and Army of Darkness. Shoot, this will be a long list too…
Never mind.

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@Trillian Honey? Aww that was sickly….sweet of you. Although a sugar coated unprovoked critique it shall remain. Still point taken, as the buttock said to the needle :¬)

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