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How to sell my car to a dealership?

Asked by careyfarmer (1points) April 5th, 2008

which dealerships will buy used cars? i’m in a hurry to sell it.

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Don’t do it. Sell it in a publication like the Auto Trader or something. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.

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Do you have a Carmax in your area? I’d try them first. They give you a quote that lasts a few days so you can check other dealerships and compare offers.

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But yeah, like peedub said, you’d get ripped off. You’ll get more if you sell it yourself.

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A dealer will only give you a small percentage of what he thinks he can resell it for. You are better off selling it yourself. You will get much more money that way. Check out the blue book price for your car, and ask a little more than you will expect to get. then the buyer can chew you down a little, and you will both be happy.

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