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Can you help me find an old question?

Asked by laureth (27184points) November 21st, 2010

I’m really racking my brain to remember who asked this old question I keep remembering. Search (both the “in house” search and Google proper) have been no help to me. So maybe someone else remembers this.

Within the last year or so, a lady jelly received a mysterious book delivered to her home. It was called On Being Certain by Robert Burton. She didn’t order it, she didn’t know who might have sent it, it just arrived one day with no clue whatsoever as to its provenance.

Did she ever find out who sent the book?
Did she read it, and if so, did she like it?

Based on that Fluther question, I ended up ordering a copy for myself, and am enjoying it immensely. And I’m wildly curious as to how this turned out…

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That was me, @laureth. Right here.

And no, I never did find out.

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Gotta love fluther.

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@Jeruba Did you read it?

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No. Prompted by this question, I just dug it out from eight inches down in the second pile from the left on my desk. I’m putting it in the bedroom bookcase tonight.

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Curiouser and curiouser. I had a look at the book on Amazon. It sounds interesting enough for me to want to get a copy myself.

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I recommend it, @flutherother. It’s changed a lot of how I see the world, especially religion.

And thanks @Jeruba! :D This was drivin’ me nuts.

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Now I wanna read it. It’s not like I already have zillions of books in the queue!

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Huh. I also received an unsolicited book, but I don’t remember the title (I promptly tossed it). Something about the positive historical effects of Judaism on society (?). I assumed that it was some elaborate form of spam (only because I did not order it).

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Oh yes…definitely going to have to get a copy of this! x

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