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If you could live in any place/time period, which would you pick?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) November 21st, 2010

I pick Ancient Egypt. Wussup Pharaoh?

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The 70s seem pretty cool.

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Hell yeah. In whatever big city. Or maybe Miami in the early 80s.

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Summer of love.

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Nothing in the past, I’d miss everything alot of the things we have now. History is great to look at, but for certain time periods would probably suck to live.

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Not that I want to be any older than I already am, but I would have liked to have been born in the early 60’s rather than early 70’s. My favorite bands were happening around 1980–82, it would have been cool to see them play live.

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I wouldn’t go very far back in time unless I could fit an AR-15, a few cases of ammo, and a couple of cases of grenades in the time machine with me. Maybe 1946 would be good if I got to take all my current knowledge with me.

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I think I’ll pick how my life was, a teenager in the late 60’s, early 70’s. Loved that hippieness!

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I will say the Victorian era, anytime between the 1840–1900 don’t know exactly when. But I like clothing and the Christmas traditions, dances, and so much more.

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I was meant to be born in 1870 and die in 1959.

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are you late for all your appointments?

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All of them at once.

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@ETpro Even if you can go back in time heavily armed and taking all of your current knowledge with you you only want to go as far back as 1946? Are you intending to invest in the stock market, that might be a good idea but I don’t think any kind A Connecticut Yankee at Los Alamos Laboratory thing is really going be all that impressive. 1946 doesn’t seem far enough back to be anything close to godlike or make you good wizard; anything like that. There are going to be a whole lot of returning soldiers around who might not find your arsenal all that intimidating. Why not go back to some time when you can really make a splash?

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@lillycoyote I was thinking unarmed for 1946. I’d use what I know to get very, very rich. I would know in advance what newly founded companies would take off like gangbusters, and could invent a whole slew of new things to buold a nice corporation for myself.

If I were to go back to earlier times then also having heavy firepower along would be interesting and in some cases necessary. You don’t have to go back very far in history to hit times when life was very cheep and violence ruled for all who were not wealthy or royalty.

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@ETpro You don’t have to go back in time at all to find somewhere where life is cheap, if only for the people on the taking end of it and where violence rules. You just need to make sure you’re not someplace or somewhen where ETpro, all by his lonesome is not thoroughly and abysmally out-manned and out-gunned, and those places are few and far between, my friend. Be careful out there. If all you’re packing yourself, your wits and “an AR-15, a few cases of ammo, and a couple of cases of grenades” I suggest you run as fast as you can in the other direction first, negotiate second and try to blast your way out only if all else fails. There are a lot of mean, angry, heartless mother fuckers out there in the world, armies of them, lots of armies of them, all over the place. Be careful. On second thought, leave the guns behind; make a quick but lethal killing in the stock market and get your ass back here, in one piece, ASAP. :-)

And I’m sure you’ll be in need of some wise counsel upon you return. Feel free to look me up. My rates are quite reasonable. :-)

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@lillycoyote Very true, but in a fight with spears and bow and arrows, you stand a better chance when you are the one with the loaded AR-15. Per the OP, imagine Ancient Egypt. “Wassup, Pharaoh” probably wouldn’t mean much to the ancient monarch, but mowing down a whole line of advancing Sea People when they were bedeviling his armies would surely get his attention and favor.:-)

If you can time travel both ways, that opens up a whole new array of possibilities doesn’t it?

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“What better place than here, what better time than now?” -Rage Against the Machines

Well, perhaps back to April 1996 here in the US with all the money I have (probably go rob a bank too right before going back in time, catch me now sucker), I’d invest first in yahoo, and then transfer it all to google in 1998, and tada! early retirement and syphilis, here I come!

Or dod what this guy did at the end of this short animation

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@ETpro You’re right. I was confused. I was thinking you were still only planning to go back to 1946.

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@Winters Take a copy of this chart with you and go back to 2007. Sell all the major bank stocks short, and bet against all the derivative instruments from Lehman Brothers. You could be a billionaire in a few short weeks. Need a grubstake. Look up the first big lottery jackpot of 2007 and bet that number when it’s going to win. Just think of what you could pull by googling things in advance and going back in time to take advantage of the foreknowledge.

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@ETpro If I could the world would be my oyster

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I pick the very beginning, I’d pimp slap Eve before she eats the fruit, and be all “shit bitch, you know how much trouble you’re about to cause” Then I’d just kick it in the garden of eden trying to find things that will get me high.

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The 50s seemed very cool.

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I’d like to live about 1 billion years in the future, but rather than being instantly chronoported there, I’d like to just keep living in good health until I reach that time through natural chronological progression.

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@Brian1946, man… that would be a trip.

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The future. Preferably a time when medical science has stopped the aging process and people can live indefinitely (except for freak accidents of course—I wouldn’t want to be like a robot or Superman or anything, just a normal human).

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@HungryGuy That is surprisingly risk-seeking (or at least, not risk-averse).

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@roundsquare – Well, I’m a risk taker… Deal with it :-)

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I would like to live in 2185. I think by then, the world will all be industrial and trade savvy, with a green approach. Acceptance will have then inhabited the earth, and such questions like, “Who’s nation is the greatest?” would be such a preposterous question because science will once again amaze us, and I think there will be a space age revival and at that a green revival will have already taken place.

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Right here and right now. I like the advance in medicine. Although going to the future and living forever seems nice, would it be? By the time we can live forever the world would probably be a dead dust bowl with plots of green for the rich and I don’t want to live on another planet. .

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