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What kind of view would you like outside of your window?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) November 22nd, 2010

Why do views matter anyway? I watch House Hunters all the time and hear people talking about how the view of the city or mountain or beach is so great, but after a couple of days, doesn’t the novelty of the view wear off?

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Loch Ness I dream of living in a house that overlooks Loch Ness.

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Main street Disneyland.

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She: From my bedroom I can see the sun rise!
He: That’s nothing; from my bedroom I can see the kitchen sink.

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Shoreline of a lake out the back porch windows…western view of the mountains out the front porch windows.

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I love the view I have out my window of a large maple tree. It is so different in every season, but always wonderful.

And no great views do not get old.

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When I first moved to Toronto I thought it would be neat to have the “big city” outside my window. And it was, kind of. Now it just bothers me that so many lights are on at night that I have to close my curtains (I like to wake up to sunshine). Maybe I’d feel differently if I were facing the CN Tower rather than the headquarters of CIBC, The Bay and Xerox, but, sadly, I’m not facing south.

For a while I was planning to do my MA in Florence, and I was really looking forward to having so much beauty and history around me every day. I don’t think that view would get old, especially if I could see the Duomo from my window.

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I would love to have the view of the ocean outside my window. I would never get tired of it as the ocean is always changing from calm to angry, from brilliant to black.

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I’m a nature freak. It’s constantly changing, so I never get bored with it. So anything natural is what I want to see.

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Either the desert or the ocean. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of guy.

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My flat is on raised ground and has a mostly open view to the south looking across trees and houses to low hills on the horizon. I like the view and at this time of year I can see the sunrise and the sunset from the same window.

I would like a house on the Clyde coast with views across the water to the islands.

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Having lived 16 years with a kitchen that had no window, no, views never get old! I now have a house with many windows, and a kitchen that has a window with a view of the sunset each night. I love it!

The view I have now from the farm is of wide open spaces. I enjoy it, especially when a storm comes through. The only thing I would change if I could would be a view of a north woods lake. That is my dream.

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That’s a good point you made about the novelty wearing off, but even if the novelty wears off, would you rather see something scenic like a beach or just be looking at the house next door where the most exciting thing you might see is watching it’s paint dry?

But to answer the main question, I would love to have a view of the beach.

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I loved the view this morning of the large snow flakes coming down fast and strong. It is so beautiful to see the first snow falls and to watch the flakes coming down. I never get tired of nature and all its wonderful changes. I have that view in my front windows and love to sit and watch storms and nature in all is splender.

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I would love to see some small hills and valleys with a flourishing creek where animals would gather in the sunset to take a drink. Not forgetting the trees and flowers which attract all types of birds and dazzling butterflies…. Ok, I’m awake

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@Summum It’s snowing already where you live?

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I’m in Utah and it is a Blizzard out there right now. Our ski resorts are all opening up because we have many feet of snow in the mountains now.

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A lake and rolling hills.

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Naked ladies draped suggestively across my lawn, beckoning me with wads of cash & a coquettish grin.

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I already have a great view that I love.

From my living room ( where my laptop is set up on a library table under my front window ) I am looking out on my cliffside patio of bamboos and grasses overlooking a creek and oak studded hillside of my neighbors 10 acres.

From my kitchen I look out over my secluded front yard with wild turkeys milling around right now and a vacant 20 acres right across my tiny private road.

I get some great sunsets through the trees as I am on a ridge in a canyon with hills below and higher hills above.

From my bedroom I overlook my lower pasture with huge 400 yr.old Valley, Heritage and Black Oaks and sheep, mules, and a Llama.

Everything is green right now and it is a wonderland! :-)

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I’ll go with brick wall.I need to cut down on distractions ;)

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The one we have right now is just fine: lots of trees, mostly pines.

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My perfect imagined place has three different kinds of views. It sits on the shoulder of a mountain next to a lake of a fairly decent size. Down the mountain on one side is the ocean. To the other side, in the distance, are mountains that often reach above the clouds. It is a romantic vision like some of those paintings of the West from a couple of centuries ago.

I’ve vacationed in all three kinds of places. I love living on a lake (which I did for two years) because you can look out the window and see what the weather is just by looking at the surface of the lake. Lakes are always changing, often in unpredictable ways, and they are always new.

Mountains also dance with the weather in marvelous ways. They have a different feeling from lakes and oceans. They make me feel like I can reach out and grab them and suddenly I will be in a different world.

Oceans are in constant motion. Yet those motions follow predictable patterns. You can dance with oceans, too, but only on the shore. Seeing the ocean spreading off into the distance, and watching the sun set over it, drink in hand. I can’t imagine anything better.

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Just returned from Maine…a different kind of beach… rocky, not sandy like ours. I can see
beauty everywhere…I really like what some of you
wrote above.

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Yeah, I can get all the view I want by going outside and not be relegated to whatever crap gasworks that Housing associations decided for me to have.
Anyways, I got thick curtains over my window covering it entirely because the Sun frightens and depresses me. I don’t need views, just darkness.

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Pines, birch trees, cedars, Japanese maples, redwoods, sweet gums—beautiful trees and through them a lake. And maybe a deer or two every now and then, plus blue jays.

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