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What are some tips in concentrating better when studying?

Asked by Eggie (5737points) November 22nd, 2010

I find that when I study, I tend to think of other things that are not related to the topic, like another subject area or just fun activities with my girlfriend and stuff like that. I am easily distracted and my grades are really suffering because of this. I am really motivated to do better, but no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to retain that focus when I am studing. Is anyone in the collective experiencing this problem, and what are some of the ways to improve my focus when I am studing?

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This also happened to me while i was studying. what I did was that I studied for about an hour or so and then took a 20 minutes break. I continued this pattern and it did help. Another useful tip would be studying in the late night-early morning hours, e.g. at around midnight. Hope this helps

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Taking breaks is definitely a good idea. Another thing to look at is how and where you are studying. Are you studying in an area that leads to distractions? Is there a lot of background noise that distracts you? Are you sitting at a computer and browsing the internet while studying? Look for the things that lead to distractions and try to remove them from your study area.

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be in a quiet room, or better, at a library. turn the phone off. put the iPod away, and no computer. schedule your break at intervals AFTER you have studied. Set a goal for what you are to accomplish (set of problems, essay, chapters covered) in each study session, and study until you have reached that goal.

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I agree with @zenvelo. I can focus a lot better when I’m at the library. It’s just too easy to get distracted when I’m home and my roommates are blasting loud music, playing video games, talking to me, etc. It also depends on what type of learner you are (audio, visual, etc) and recognizing what things distract you the most. I’ve found it also helps if you do your best to enjoy what you’re studying. If you think the homework is pointless, hate the teacher, or just don’t feel like doing it, you’re going to have a hard time concentrating and doing your best work.

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Believe it or not, I would recommend “fun activities with [your] girlfriend.” I find that I concentrate WAY better after having sex, be it immediately after or even the next day. I literally have sought sexual partners the nights before exams or big study days when I really need to focus, and it always pays off. The brain chemicals linger, and exercise in general helps with concentration.

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Bananas!! Nuts!! (walnuts) They’re good for the brain! A good smoothie in the morning tends to get me going… (berries and bananas and rice milk) Seriously, your diet affects your concentration quite dramatically. Don’t study straight after a big meal. Make sure you’re drinking enough water…dehydration can affect optimal function of the brain as does temperature of your room… make sure you’re warm but not too hot.

I would also try giving yourself maybe 15 or 20 minutes before you start studying to write in a diary or journal or just note down your thoughts about nice things you’d like to do. You could even just allow yourself 10 minutes to daydream. Resolve at the end of the allotted time to focus on the studying in hand. Sort out anything that you need to organise..schedule whatever needs doing for another time, so that you your mind isn’t bombarded with ‘stuff you need to sort out’....

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I’m going through exactly what you’re going through!

You just need to find new ways to keep yourself studious…

Well, for me, I find that I procrastinate easily.. I’ll have all my books out, but then I’ll start doing other things.

So now, whenever I need to study, i head out to a library, or coffee shop, or school and there’s nothing else to do there but study.

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When you find yourself not attending to the words, get up and walk around. Or walk around as you read and read aloud to yourself. Or get someone else to read to you while you exercise or something. Make flash cards. Draw pictures of the information you read in your head. Pause every few minutes to do this. Or if you are into sound, put the words into a song, and sing that to yourself.

I helps to understand what kind of learner you are, and then to develop methods that work well with that learning style. Just be creative. Anything to keep you from falling asleep. Getting up and walking around is great!

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Focus takes practice. Everytime you notice you’re getting distracted just go back to studying. Don’t get frustrated or beat yourself up over it. Just go back to work.

And like others have said, get rid of all external distractions and vary your study methods. Write in bright colours, make funny mental pictures of the things you need to remember, and if you feel yourself losing heart, remind yourself that it’s short-term pain for long-term gain.

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I would recommend going to the library. I get 10 x more done there, in half the time, compared to trying to do my work in my home.

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Study where it is quiet and where you won’t be distracted.Take breaks when you study. I f you finish studying one subject take a 10 or 15 minute break before moving onto the next.Turn off all your electronic devices so you can get through it.

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