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I need help from knowledgeable car people about a gift for my boyfriend.

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) November 22nd, 2010

My boyfriend is really into cars. He founded a pretty big New Jersey club, all his friends have pretty souped up cars… his is in the shop right now having some fancy new engine and turbo and whoknowswhatelse installed.

I’m thinking I might like to pick something up for his car, for Christmas, but I’m car-STUPID. It’s a 97 or 98 Mustang. Any suggestions?

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Does he have an emergency kit, jumper cables, duct tape, etc already?

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Did he really turbocharge his Mustang? That’s a pretty serious upgrade so I’m doubting most of the basic things I’d recommend for a car wouldn’t have already been done.

The thing is buying car stuff for a car guy is like buying clothes for someone who loves fashion, they have their own style, research the best options, and generally have very strong opinions influenced by those around them.

I’d go to the place doing the work on his car while he’s not there and ask them the one thing he wanted but wasn’t able to do. Or the next thing in line. Give them a price range and then they should have a couple recommendations. His car is already there, so he trusts them to a certain extent and they should know him and the car well enough to make an informed suggestion.

That way you can either wrap it up for under the tree or just have them install it while they’re working on it, your choice.

If cars aren’t your thing he won’t expect something like that and you’ll know it’s something he’ll use.

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Go to American Muscle .com. A whole lot of cool Mustang stuff.

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As the previous posters seem to point out, if he’s already getting engine/turbo work done, there’s probably not much you’re going to want to pay for that could make the car faster.

So if you’re looking specifically to car stuff, maybe get him like a new shift knob (if you do that make sure you research and get a knob that will fit his car) or something small but meaningful like that (one of the most important parts if you ask me, but thats just my opinion). The links for car stuff suggested would be good too.

Maybe like a model of his car? I always liked those.

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What about sonething for the garage? My husband has a wall clock that looks like a tire. I know my husband would love new flooring in his garage, epoxy or those rubberlike floor tiles. Another suggestion is a plug in battery charger if he babies the car and drives it infrequently I think it might be useful.

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Contact a local commercial photographer and have a portrait and large canvas print made of the car.

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Thanks for all the good suggestions… I’m working with his best friend on some ideas. They’ve been friends forever and work on their cars together so if anyone will know, it’ll be him.

My backup plan is a PS3. Both will carry a wow factor, but if I could do something for the car, that’d pack a little more, since like @funkdaddy suggested, cars aren’t my thing.

(yes, he really turbocharged it. lol)

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