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Would the shaving cream trick work for your car windows?

Asked by Zone36 (413points) November 22nd, 2010

I know if you put shaving cream on a mirror in the bathroom and then wipe it off, it leaves a residue that keeps your mirror from fogging up after showers.

Would the same thing work if you applied it to the inside of your car windows and mirror?

On a side note, is Rain-X bad for your windshield, wipers, or car in any way?

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I’ve never heard anything bad about RainX, especially not for glass. Glass is largely non-reactive.

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don’t know about shave cream.
RainX is an excellent product, its basically liquid silicone. DO NOT APPLY in a garage where there may ever be painting of cars as just a few molecules of silicone will make a paint job “fish-eye”. the aerosol of paint picks up a molecule of silicone and then the paint droplet will not adhere to the surface. BAD

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RainX is put on the shelves at Phone Company yards. They wouldn’t do that if it didn’t work.

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