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Any ideas about this 5-page paper I'm supposed to have done by next Friday?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5624points) November 22nd, 2010

Yeah, I’m supposed to work over Thanksgiving break and write a paper.
It’s supposed to be on something from the Middle Ages. I’m thinking about the chivalry, the knights, the vassals, the lords, the whole way of life around a castle. I’m thinking about just sort of giving a “tour around the castle” on a normal day. Any good books that I could get or sites to look at? Thanks!

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Here are three books from my bookshelf that are pretty easy reads and that deal with aspects of everyday life in the Middle Ages. They take the subject topic by topic—home life, children, merchants, medical practices, monks and friars, etc.—and that would help you narrow the huge topic you’re proposing. Just one of those aspects (for example, how a housewife spent her day) would probably be enough for your paper.

Life in a Medieval City, by Joseph and Frances Gies
Life in a Medieval Village, by Joseph and Frances Gies
Life in Medieval Times, by Marjorie Rowling

All three look like books that might be found in a school library. I got them from Amazon.

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Plumbing in the Middle Ages.

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@Jeruba I’m home schooled, so I’d be going to the public library, but I should be able to get them. Thanks!

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The books suggested by @Jeruba are some of my favorites. There is also a thread of an idea in @Elumas post. I got an children’s book with illustrations of how things work and the bathroom facilities (although not what I would call “plumbing”) in castles was quite interesting to me (and thrilling to my 5 year old nephew).

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Well, if you haven’t done it yet – it’s 3 months overdue.

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