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Good, cold Passover dishes?

Asked by dans85 (109points) April 6th, 2007
I'm a student at college with my own kitchen, but I haven't kashered it for Passover. I have tons of veggies and matzah and cottage cheese and yogurt at home, but am looking for some other options of food to make so that I can pack a Pesach lunch for myself.
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greek salad is always a fave...and some stores have yummy (kosher l'pesach) baba ganoush, which is always great on matzo. Also, many people don't know this but quinoa is kosher for pesach (but if you don't have a pot to cook it in, that's a problem). There might be a way to make quinoa in the microwave but I"m not sure. Also, if you put aluminum foil over the broiler in your oven so that it is kosher, you can make matzo pizza with cheese, tomatoes, artichokes, other yummy things.
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Another idea is to make guacamole...and my mom says that you can make stuffed tomatoes (i haven't tried this, though) where you scoop out the inside of the tomato and stuf it with a diced cucumer, some chopped olives, scallions, parsley, salt & pepper, etc.
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Tuna salad (great with matzah), or egg salad.
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Quiches are easy and delicious (without the crust for Passover, so more like a casserole)...just eggs, milk, cheese, spinach or broccoli or veggies, sliced tomato on top. And they're good hot or cold.
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potato salad.
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almond butter and jelly on matzah.

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