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How can I ask a guy I've known for a while out casually?

Asked by nikole273 (75points) November 22nd, 2010

I’ve known this guy since I was little. Lately, we’ve have a lot of classes together, and I’ve developed a huge crush on him (to the point that just thinking about asking him out makes my heart pound), and I wanted to ask him out. Casually. Of course, when I talk to him, I have no problem, and it’s not awkward, because we’ve known each other for so long. Any ideas?
(I’m going to rule out asking him to a movie, restaraunt, or anything fancy, or very secluded)

Thanks for any help :)

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Start with something very casual like asking him to study with you. Or ask him if he’d like to grab a coffee, or coke and go over some homework.

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Ask him to go to a school basketball game with you. Or, if you’re nervous, ask him to do something with a group of people that he may know, but not necessarily be part of.

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Are you afraid of rejection? If he is a lifelong friend, how can he say, “no?”

Or you could make a little fun of yourself, and say something like, “I don’t know why this is so difficult… I mean I’ve known you forever, but whenever I think about it my heart starts doing gymnastics. So be nice to me (look up with doe eyes). Would you like to down to the river and float paper boats under the bridge?”

See? The ridiculous after the huge build up. You could even make it funnier, by getting all serious, and saying, “Bill (or whatever his name is), We’ve known each other a long time. We’ve been pretty good friends, right? I’ve been thinking, because there is something that most friends would have done by now, but we really haven’t”

Make him get all anxious and wondering what you’re going to come out with and then use the paper boat line. He’ll be so relieved he won’t think twice about saying yes, and when you get married you’ll have a great story to tell the kiddies.

Oh, and I get the royalties from the marriage. Is there such a thing as royalties from a marriage? Please don’t tell me it’s a first born child. I already got enough of those. First borns, I mean. Not children. :-)

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Okay, just want to let you guys know, I’m 14. Not THAT old ^^;;

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Your safest bet with a 14 year old boy is a school activity, a party at a friend’s house, video games, meeting at the mall to hang out, or to help with a school/church activity that you do, but he isn’t part of that group. Ask your mom if you could have some friends over that you both knew when you were little, order a pizza and play board games.

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Bill, I like yours, but the only thing is, no one DOES that kinda stuff anymore ^^;; Like, the going to the mall sounds good, but hell if I’m going to tell my mom I’m dating anyone D: God, she’d go so overboard (excepting, not being mad). I’m a innocent girl though, I won’t do anything bad lol. (not a prep haha)

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Ask him to go to the mall with you.

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i think I might XD But… my phone isn’t working right now for sum odd reason D: wtffffff

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Ha, @BarnacleBill I think you just got dissed for being an oldster.

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@nikole273 It was a joke. Don’t kids read Rumplestiltskin any more?

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@wundayatta lol ik, u just put ur response right as I posted mine XD I didn’t read urs till after haha

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Do yourself a favor and just forget about dating for a couple more years.

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ahahaha, well HE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to the mall on saurday with him, THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok. Serious answer:
Get into a conversation with him about places or things the two of you like to go to/do when you’re not in school and then just say, “I’m going to place x and I would love it if you came along with me.

Silly answer:
If you want to give yourself an almost 100% chance that he will come, ask him out with your shirt off. LOL

Either way, good luck!

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@nikole273 Let me know how it goes. LOL

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