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What's your favourite zombie movie?

Asked by Berserker (33514points) November 22nd, 2010

In light of the Christmas spirit which soon comes to invade us, I wanna join in too, by getting a rough idea of what Fluther likes in zombie movies. Or doesn’t like. I have a good idea already, from a few peeps, but let us engrave it in stone, once and for all.
A very simple question, just what is your favourite zombie movie? Why is it your favourite?

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shouldn’t zombie movie questions be reserved for easter? it just seems more appropriate.

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I must say I’m really enjoying The Walking Dead, especially after this past episode. Favorite movie would have to be Zombieland.

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@Blondesjon There is no bad time for a zombie question.


@jonsblond Zombieland rules, and it was one zombie movie, besides the old classics, that had character progression that didn’t make me cringe.

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For me it’s a toss up between dawn of the dead or shaun of the dead. Dawn of the dead probably taking the win.

@jonsblond Zombieland was too short for me, anyone else think that? it seemed to end just as i was getting in to it.

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@poisonedantidote Which Dawn, the original or remake?

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28 Days Later—I like the politics of it.

Resident Evil—Mila Jovovich. Wowza!

Shaun Of The Dead—It’s hilarious.

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@Symbeline Original, the make up is terrible, just talcon powder to the face, but the movie lingers. Kind of like the boat scene on the movie jaws, that just seems to go on forever.

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@poisonedantidote Or that roaring shark in Jaws III lmao. XD

Yeah, to answer my own question, the original Dawn is my most favourite ever. It rocks to no end.

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I’m not a big zombie person so these aren’t so much my favorites as they are the only three zombie movies I’ve ever really liked ... so, in no particular order, they are: Night of the Living Dead, the original, Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later.

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@lillycoyote The original Night is wicked shit, it’s totally my perfect Sunday evening movie. I love the remake just as much too, which is very faithful to the original, you should check it if you liked the first.

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@poisonedantidote We had a good friend of ours watch it with us the first time we saw it. He gave his commentary the entire movie and completely ruined it. Looking back we joke about it now. Now whenever someone talks during a movie, we say they are “being an Erik”. But yeah, it could have been a bit longer. The good things never last.

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@jonsblond I thought the ending was rather corndog, but it did the job, and everything else was awesome. Ghostbusters!

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@Symbeline you may find this interesting.

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@poisonedantidote OMFG!!! James Rolfe! And something he did I never saw!! oh man lol gotta watch this RIGHT NOW

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the crazy, kill-kill, folks in 28 days later were awesome but they were not zombies. zombies are the walking, reanimated dead. the hordes in 28 days later were just “sick with a virus”.

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I’m also love love loving The Walking Dead… I just read the first volume of the graphic novel series and can’t get enough.

As for movies, I haven’t see a whole lot, but I thought Dead Alive was ridiculously hilarious. “I kick ass for the lord!”
Favourite ever, though: Dellamorte Dellamore. Ugh, what a horrible movie poster…

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In order:

1. Fido
2. Tom Savini’s remake of Night of the Living Dead
3. Zombieland
4. The original Dawn of the Dead
5. The original Day of the Dead
6. 28 Days later
7. The Dawn of the Dead remake
8. Dead Alive
9. Return of the Living Dead
10. The original Night of the Living Dead
11. Lucio Fulci’s Zombi
12. the rest of them…

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@poisonedantidote Oh hell yeah. He’s got this man. He’s got this by the ass. I love this guy lol.
That’s the most classic thing anyone’s ever said in a zombie flick. Also, I didn’t know this was an actual mall…you’ve heightened my zombie knowledge, and for this I thank thee. big hugs!

@jonsblond Yeah, that’s pretty epic. Personally though, I think that the opening to Day of the Dead, with that nasty zombie without a face looking up to the sky is the best goddamn opening ever for a zombie movie…hell that zombie is the best damn zombie I’ve EVER seen…it really embodies all that is dark of the walking dead.

But YouTube is ass shit and I can’t find the opening. :(

@Blondesjon I agree. I love hyper zombies that sprint at you, but they are not really zombies…and nowhere near as classic as the slow, shuffling zombie that fills you with dread until it finally gets you. :)

@Seelix Haha hell yeah, kung fu priest. :D And eating old people ears! LAWN MOWER!

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Out of those, excluding number twelve, there’s only one I have not seen…I’m too ashamed to say what it is though. XD

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Completely agree with @poisonedantidote – Same two choices.

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@Symbeline… I’m gonna guess….


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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard…how the hell did you know that?

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Dawn of the Dead. Original
I Eat Your Skin.
The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave.
Messiah of Evil.

I’m excluding Night of the Living Dead because that’s just too obvious.

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@Symbeline, I’m psychic.

It was filmed in Canada, too, ya know?

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I know nothing about this movie. I heard it was good, but keep mistaking it with something called Silo which I think is Japanese slasher porn, and that apparently, I have to watch. (Everyone said that about Cannibal Holocaust too, but eh.)
So what’s this about? (Besides zombies lol.)

…and how DID you guess lol.

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@Symbeline Because NOBODY has seen Fido. I popped a tab open for this question just so I could mention it and nearly peed myself with glee when I saw someone already had.

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@Symbeline And the original Night of the Living Dead was very Freudian, I thought; with the little girl killing her mother so she could eat her father. :-)

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@Symbeline, it’s basically a boy and his dog movie set in a zombie infested alternate-history 1950’s United States. Think Leave it to Beaver + Zombieland + Lassie + gore and violence.

And it was an educated guess. You said that you were ashamed to admit which one you haven’t seen. That signaled to me that it must be the one I listed as my favorite. Context clues ;-)

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My favorite is probably Reagan-Nixon: Dead Presidents Rule! :-p

Other than that, it’s probably the one that I haven’t seen yet but would like to eventually- Zombieland.

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The Original Night of the Living Dead.

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The original Dawn of the Dead, hands down. Still viscerally horrifying to me after allthese years. I hope against hope every time that they go back and shoot flyboy in the elevator so he can’t show all his new zombie friends where the buffet is upstairs!

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I would have to say White Zombie, the classic zombie image – before the contemporary zombie mania took over cinema, I feel the social under-layers of this zombie are completely different then the ones that motivate the mainstream zombie imagery of today. If you have yet to see the movie, I would highly recommend it on a stand alone basis.

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@Symbeline Same here, i always just thought that it was a special made set or something. or that if it was a real mall, that it would have been long gone by now.

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28 days later
Shaun of t…....oh you know
Return of th…....blah blah…..

Actually “Return” was fuckin hilarious yet still a great zombie fest. Probably gets the nod if truth be told :¬)

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Braindead. Spectacular gore, a priest that does kung fu, and a lawnmower. What can go wrong?

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I can’t believe I forgot about this one, but The Serpent and the Rainbow was one of my favorite films for quite a while. I haven’t seen it in years, but that movie creeped me out when I was younger!

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Zombieland and Planet Terror.

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Damn. I was totally excited to answer this question until I realized it seems it was a subtle jab at Christianity…

…I just shouldn’t have read the details. Tell me that I’m wrong…

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Dead Alive. Always has been, always will be.

Zombieland and Quarantine both impressed me recently, though.

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I’ve seen Fido! I believe I have seen almost every zombie movie ever. I’ve seen all those mentioned on this question. :/ I watch A LOT of movies.

@kenmc‘s selection is nice, since the majority of people have likely not seen three of the ones he mentioned. I enjoy the good and bad zombie movies. For instance, Dead Snow is a bad movie but I love to watch it. The Resident Evil movies are so far from the games that it drives me insane; I wanted them to be better than they are. It hasn’t stopped me from seeing them. The newest Resident Evil movie severely lacked in zombies. I was disappointed. Your comedies, like Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead and Fido are terrific. I love when horror and comedy are mixed, on purpose. Of course the original Dead series are the best. You cannot beat those. Some of the remakes are fucking awful, like Day of the Dead; FUCKING TERRIBLE. It was cheese at its worst. I’d rather watch Twilight than sit through that remake ever again. Land of the Dead was kind of epic. Dennis Hopper and Asia Argento? Yes, please. They did a fairly good job with it. It made me laugh, for all the wrong reasons.

</zombie rant>

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The Re-animator.
“Who’s going to believe a talking head? Get a job in a sideshow. ”

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@iamthemob Maybe @Symbeline was referring to the vast armies of shopper zombies that clog the roads and invade the malls and Walmarts of America in the weeks before Christmas; compelled by their nearly insatiable hunger for cheap manufactured goods from China rather than human flesh.

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I was really hoping that was the case…I still do. Totally. @jonsblond‘s comment, being the first in the thread, just makes me wonder.

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I’ll get back to yall in a bit, but I do wanna clear up this jab at Christianity thing…no.
I was, honestly, being totally random in that part. The only relation is that I saw all these Christmas questions, so I tried to be funny about it in my details. As for Satan’s Claws, that’s just something I got from a Calvin and Hobbes strip.That’s all.

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@FlutherMore Noted. Stand alone basis hooked me, I’m always up for more zombie history. I feel shamed as of now. :/

@jonsblond Yeah, and it was genuinely creepy, too.

@free_fallin Yeah…I didn’t enjoy the Res movies that much. I spent quality time with the first games, and was, and still am, disappointed with the movies…big time.

Aren’t there supposed to be fuckin zombies in this lol. For movies based from a video game series that was in turn based offa Romero’s works, this is a shame.
And Dead Snow definitely was something…it so happens that my favourite scene is when that old dude barges in and bashes the coffee the whole time lmao.

@TheOnlyNeffie Quarantine was quite decent. If you didn’t see Rec, you should check that out, as Quarantine is basically a remake of that. Also, I’m looking forward to the soon coming sequel. :)

@lillycoyote That Freudian that…wow, that’s disturbing. Awesome. :)

On your comment after that, I can now see the evident relation between Christmas and zombies, especially when Dawn is a major star in this thread.
(I’ll hold in my defense to whoever wishes to mistake my zombie love for common crap online behaviour that even if that were my intent, that technically has nothing to do with Christianity, since everyone celebrates Christmas these days.)
Thanks for pointing this out, as I’d otherwise remained completely scoobied haha, as obvious as it was. Not tryna weasel my way out of it, I really had no idea what the hell till I went through this again.
(I get that Easter thing now lol.)

That said, let’s see, so far, which zombie flick has got the most votes in here…

So, Dawn of the Dead wins! Closely followed by both Braindead/Dead Alive and Zombieland.

It’s to note of mention, that The Walking Dead comics did pretty damn good in this thread, too.

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I’m wondering if anyone has seen The Horde?

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28 Days Later
I am a bit disappointed with The Walking Dead. I prefer zombies that are more terrifying.

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@flutherother – I agree that the zombies in The Walking Dead aren’t terrifying, but the idea of the series is to see what happens to the survivors. Robert Kirkman, the writer of the comics, has said that most (if not all) zombie movies end right after the initial “outbreak”, and that he was interested in what would happen in the long term. He’s looking more at the human side of things.

Still, if that doesn’t float your boat, so be it :)

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@Seelix Thanks, I see where you are coming from but the series just doesn’t seem realistic to me. I am watching it anyway and I am curious to see what happens so it can’t be that bad.

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…but the series just doesn’t seem realistic to me.

Well, it’s not. I mean… It’s about zombies… But if you accept that as something that’s possible, then I can’t imagine what you find implausible about the show.

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It’s also about survivors. They are all human but their reaction to the Zombie outbreak doesn’t seem convincing. They don’t seem shocked by it. The Walking Dead plays out like an ordinary soap with a cast of Zombie extras. It could have been something much more original and terrifying.

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Ah. See, I don’t find the reactions unconvincing at all. Since the main character was unconscious for some time after the outbreak occurred, everyone else has had time to adjust. We did get to see him being shocked and afraid in the beginning, but then he adjusted, too. And I think there’s been a nice range of different reactions in the rest of the cast.

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I imagine that most people would go into psychological shock and be eaten within 10 minutes of an actual zombie outbreak.

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The Walking Dead was a projection of what some people thought would be a realistic scenario. Whether you see it or not as realistic is moot, really.

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I’m with @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard on that one…in real life, I don’t know that the human psyche is built to deal with what would be a zombie invasion.
A video game series called Silent Hill was scrutinized by psychologists and they estimate that your average human wouldn’t be able to keep his sanity after dealing with any of the creatures in there, so I can’t imagine thousands of zombies; and that’s just the human mind dealing with it, nothing physical.
Although, on the other hand, I guess a lot of people have lived and seen a lot of fucked up shit.

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@Symbeline – Have you seen the Silent Hill movie? Those nurses, man… if I were the type to have nightmares based on movies I’ve seen, those nurses would’ve driven me over the edge. They were bad enough in the games!

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@Seelix Yeah, I love the movie. Those nurses are pretty hot too haha, although in the games they’re a lot creepier I think. The first game also had…two doctor zombie enemies. I always thought that was odd that you can only find two in the entire game.

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high school musical

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