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I got invited to a party I dunno if I should go...

Asked by killerkadoogen (418points) November 22nd, 2010

I got invited to a x mas party that will be coming up. I was infatuated with my friends sister who is throwing the party. She will definitely be there.I know she doesn’t like me like that. I have not thought about her in about 5–6 but still dunno if its a good idea for me to go. I just don’t want to have a relapse and be miserable. But going to the party could also end up being a good thing.. I need opinions

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Face your foibles! Just do it. Go and have fun.

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Go have some fun!

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Sometimes the busier you are at the party, the less time you have to focus on you dynamics with other guests, the more fun you have. Can you ask the person throwing the party if you can help, and go early and help do things, mix drinks, etc, be the person that talks to every single woman in the room, introduce people? I’ve had friends who have done that for me because they feel awkward, and it’s extremely helpful to have someone who’s making sure other people are having a good time, too. It will keep your mind occupied on something other than the sister, and perhaps show you up in a different way.

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Dude, go. Have fun or you may be thinking, “What if?” for the rest of your life.

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Yeah. As they say – it’s more often the things you end up not doing, as opposed to the things that you end up doing, that are the things that you end up truly regretting in the end.

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My friend insisted I go out to a bar with her and just have a couple drinks. I wanted to stay home, but she kept on until I went. I met the guy I ended up marrying that night. Not saying you will end up with even a date that night, but if you don’t take a chance, nothing will happen in your life.

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You may also find you are over her. Go.

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Go to the party and face your fears.

Stay away from the alcohol and drugs.

You want to stay focused on the lady, if you know what i mean?

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Why would you want to subject yourself to more pain and quite possibly humiliation if you already know this girl is out of your league?? If you do go, do so with a clear goal of having fun irregardless of your hearts previous desires.

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I would go, but only if you know you’ll have a good time. You dont want to end up being the one sitting alone in the corner afterward – or on the second thought, perhaps some other girl will see you like that and have sympathy for you.

I guess my point is go but dont go if you’re predicting an overall bad time.

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Go and have fun. If it turns out it’s not fun, you can always leave.

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Go! She might have a friend!

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1. Go to the party
2. Initiate no contact with the girl, except the basic pleasantries
3. Have no expectations of what the night might bring

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