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How does an insurance claim work when defective carpetting has been installed?

Asked by marialisa (464points) November 22nd, 2010

I have had the worst experience with a construction company restoring my home after water damage. Problems galore. The third time I called about my bad carpet I had someone from a different company look at it. He said it was poor grade, substandard and delaminating. I filed a complaint with the mill through the vendor. The construction company says the mill will replace carpet with the same style.
The carpet, pad and install ect. was totally overcharged. I do not want carpet replaced from the mill, I want different carpet where I pick it out and my own installer. I could get plush carpet and not the sub standard junk that was reported by a carpet specialist as defectivre. I also want a new company to install it. Can I demand this????

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You can, but you will probably have to pay for the difference between the cost of replacing the old carpet and what the new carpet will cost.

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@ I m working on getting a full refund of carpet, pad and install. Then go to another company. I can afford a plush carpet at the outrageous price my insurance paid for this “junk” carpet.

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Have you let your insurance agent know what’s going on? Did you pick the contractor, or did the insurance company? You should not be having to deal with the carpet installer unless you’re acting as contractor on the project, and are hiring your own subs.

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usually installation has to be paid for again if the installation was proper. Can’t expect a contractor to come out and do it all over again for free if it wasn’t his fault. This almost always happens when the big insurance check is cut to the home owner, and then they shop for their own materials and contractors to try to actually make money on the deal. Not suggesting that is what happened here but it happens.

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@woodcutter @WestRiverrat @WestRiverrat @BarnacleBill
Instead of dealing with the construction company I got my insurance claim manager, for the region, involved. I was never paid directly and opted to go with a “Blue Ribbon Certified” construction company. He has stepped in after 15 months of issues with the poor/defective grade materials used, below average work and overcharging of billing. I am so glad I went with the insurance program because all the work is guaranteed for 5 years. Nothing was done right the first time and I have documentation of everything.

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Contact your insurance company and explain the situation. You need their leverage. It’s your house and you can chose anyone you so desire to do the work. @BarnacleBill makes an excellent point. Oh, just read your last response….you got it under control. Any problems, please let me know. I was an insurance adjustor more years than i care to mention. Good luck.

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