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How do you prepare yourself for a Thanksgiving feast?

Asked by Afos22 (3990points) November 23rd, 2010

To make sure that you eat a truck load of food at the Thanksgiving table, how do you prepare yourself? Do you eat at all that day? Do you eat before the feast? Any special trick to it? Do you even stuff your face to the point of fullness?

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I’m the cook, so I do a lot of work before the meal, and when I sit down to eat, I am really hungry.

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We don’t have thanksgiving here, but before a feast I like to eat some kind of small treat about 2 hours before. Something that makes you crave more and sparks the apetite, say a yogurt-size tiramisu. Then about 30–40 minutes before have a joint.

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I just eat as I would any other day.I don’t like that over-stuffed feeling.barf XD

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I start cutting back a couple of days before. My meals today and tomorrow will be very light.
I’m aiming for a 500–750 calorie deficit each day to make up for the extra 1000 kcal or so I will pack in on Thanksgiving.
I am thankful that I can do it.

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I usually don’t gain wieght on Thanksgiving day so I guess I don’t stuff myself. We have the big meal around 1, then go out for a hike and then come back for dessert.

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I don’t eat a truckload of food; I’d feel sick. When people push extra food on me, I just load up, take it home and not have to cook for a week. The point is to be around loved ones whom I don’t see often, for me.

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I don’t eat until I’m sick on Thanksgiving. I usually just eat small tastes of everything.

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I nibble throughout the day to keep my metabolism going and my appetite raging and I drink a lot of water so my stomach expands. You know, basically like I’m entering an eating contest.

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I prepare myself by trying to convince myself that I’ll finally use that will power that always deserts me at Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays. I seriously want to eat “that truckload of food” but as a diabetic, I’ll end up making myself really ill. I still eat too much at times but I try to engage in some type of activity after the feasts to take my mind off the guilt and lower my blood sugar levels.

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I eat light meals as our Thanksgiving feasts are just that and I like to try every dish served and that winds up being a pretty big meal for one sitting. Our annual after dinner hike at a nearby woods helps take the edge off that stuffed belly feeling and makes room for all the great dessert!

I then don’t eat for the next few day!! Yum!! Can’t wait!!

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I nibble throughout the day. Then, at dinner, I tend to gorge and feel ridiculously uncomfortable afterward. I force myself to roll out of the dining room chair, drop on the floor, and pass out from Tryptophan .

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I first buy a new pair of underwear that’s two sizes too big for me. i next dig out my oversized set of sweat pants and shirt. i eat nothing the night before or the day of Thanksgiviing, until the words “dinners ready” and the turkey smell drives me crazy. i chew two Rolaids before eating to keep down the gases formed and finally, i have a box of Alka Seltzer standing-by, just in case.

Eating Thanksgiving dinner is an art. it takes careful preparation and planning, even down the the socks you wear.

And. last but not least, i prepare myself for thanking God for all the blessings he has given my family and my friends and our good health.

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I eat light for the several days proceeding.
The day of it is ‘tradition’ to drink copious amounts of good champagne while prepping and waiting on the bird to be done.

Then, the feast, followed by coffee, pie and then, the typical lethargic slumping into comfy furniture to digest like inert pythons that have just swallowed an entire pig. lol

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I prepare happily to rest ‘cause I get a day off.

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I am trying really hard not to stuff myself. Preparation or not, wouldn’t make a difference.

Speaking of which, I’m starving!

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I don’t do anything out of the ordinary but as @YARNLADY wrote, I often feel ravenous because I’m all hyper and super focused on cooking, serving and enjoying people I don’t get to spend time with very often. More often I have to make myself not eat too much of one thing that’s tasty and then feel all sick full for the rest.

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By the time we’ve finished our preparations, I have already spent so much time with food that I’m almost not hungry.

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I don’t do anything to prepare, I just hope it will all go down and not come back up!

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Starve yourself for a week.

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I treat thanksgiving like any other day. I don’t prepare for it at all. I just sit at the table and eat like I normally would. unless stuffing is present. I’ll bite your hand off over stuffing.

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