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What options do you find best for improving your debate skills?

Asked by LanceVance (645points) April 5th, 2008
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Thorough research.

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Lots of practice also. sndfreQ is right and practice takes a back seat to research, but both are important for improvment.

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Yes, I know that research helps with gaining skills and does not represent such a problem to me, than does building an argument [let’s say i’m the opposition] in such a way it does both, negates the affirmative claim and supports our claim.

So I’m a sort of in looking for some practices to increase my skills outside the tournaments… so if you know of anything like that, don’t hesitate to help me out. Thanks :D

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This falls under the “practice” category but I think it might be useful. Whenever I’m reading an opinion/editorial piece of writing I often try to be as sceptical as possible and try to come up with arguments to counter any assertions the author makes. Sometimes it means I have to go look something up (now we’re back to research) but it always helps me learn something. I think that the more you try to find valid counter-points to a variety of topics you’ll begin to devise them much quicker which can certainly help in a timed debate.

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This may seem obvious, but in my opinion one of the most overlooked and important skills.

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Patients, Understanding and, having an open mind while understanding it from all directions.

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Robby, I think you meant “patience”.

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@Spargett, maybe he means brain surgery: “patients”, “open mind”...

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Oops.. My bad

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Speak in some Indigenous language. Surely your opponent will crumble and prostrate befor you as a God. Maybe…

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