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What's a good brand of scented candle?

Asked by xxii (3321points) November 23rd, 2010

My boyfriend’s mom really likes scented candles, so I want to get her a nice one for Christmas. However, I don’t just want to pick one up from Target or get some cheap, generic brand… I’d rather get her something a little more special.

I was wondering if any of you know of a high-quality, relatively affordable brand (I’m looking for something below $15) – maybe with a Christmas scent or something. I’ve looked on Etsy to find something more rare, but the options are just endless.


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Yankee Candles are not cheap, but I’ve found that you don’t necessarily have to buy just one large jar candle. A little basket or gift bag full of votives or tarts would make a nice gift. The best thing about candles like this is burning two or more differently scented tarts to create a new scent. Most stores carry “recipes” that offer a list of scents that blend well together.

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I really like Woodwick candles. They smell delicious and the wick is wooden, so it creates a cool crackling sound as it burns. The larger ones might be a little more expensive than you’re looking for, but the smaller ones are pretty affordable.

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If you have a Bath and Beyond Store in your area, they have some of the best and i believe they are on sale right now.

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Yankee Candle or Colonial are the best I’ve found. They actually work, and can be smelled all over the home. They come in a really beautiful range of smells too. You’ll be able to get a small one for that price, and it’s definitely quality over quantity in this case! You can also get Yankee wax cakes for an oil burner which cost much less & work just as well.

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Partylite candles are the best. The scent is comcentrated, so it never loses the smell, even after sitting in a drawer for 2 years. They’re lead free, and the wax doesn’t burn hot enough to burn you if there’s an accident, and it won’t crack votive holders like cheaper candles will. My bathroom counter has a scorch mark where a Walmart votive made the votive cup explode. I only ever use Partylite anymore. Just google Partylite to find a consultant close to you. They have a TON of wonderful fragrances.

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These guys Don’t have a bad candle in the shop. After buying one we loved, we took a road trip to their store in LA. It was just amazing. Thought goes into the decision of every product they sell. Not real cheap, but amazing candles.
Here’s a holiday scented one for $15.00

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You might like these ones from the Organic Candle Company they use only certified organic materials—soy wax, cotton wicks and essenstial oils. These are a little better for the environment than regular candles.

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@Seelix beat me to, but I will second her WoodWick suggestion. I know Hallmark carries them and I have seen them other places as well.

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@Supacase said that Hallmark carries Woodwick candles; they’re also available at Chapters/Indigo stores for any Canucks who’d like to check them out.

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