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Is the weather unusual right now where you are living?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) November 23rd, 2010

We are having a very warm day. It is 67 degrees (it may go up to 70) when the average high for this time of year is ten degrees cooler at 57.

The whole month of November has been unseasonably warm and dry.

Do you think, based on weather in your area, that global warming is evident?

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The temperatures are mild and it’s sunny out! I live in Southwestern, Ontario, and usually by now it would stinking cold (and often overcast).

I’m loving it!

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Persisting down with rain, bitterly cold, grey & gloomy…....nah, nothing unusual there. England Town, it’s not quite the caribbean :¬(

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The temperature reached 75 degrees here in Illinois yesterday. We had a tornado watch during the day, and there was a tornado reported in northern Illinois. The temp. dropped nearly 40 degrees by 9pm. It was a very unusual day for Illinois in the month of November.

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We are facing a huge blizzard tonight through the morning hours tomorrow. There are storm warnings out everywhere and we are being told this one is a one for the records. I think there will be a few feet of snow in the valleys and we are told we may get snowed in tomorrow. So I’m just waiting for the dig out.

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I live in the upper-midwest U.S. There is no unusual weather here, because there is no usual weather here… especially in late fall. It was upper 50s last week, then we had some snow, then thunderstorms and tornado watches yesterday, and now it’s 25.

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No global warming in Alberta- snowy and very cold -20F. I watch people walk by my house wrapped is so many layers, toques, scarfs and mittens. They look like large moving lumps, only the eyes streaming from cold to say they’re human!

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In Cleveland the past two days have been unusually warm (and sometimes wet) for this time of year. It feels like the beginning of spring and it’s very confusing to my libido.

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Been warmish here too the last few days. I don’t put any single anomaly down to climate change, but weather patterns do seem to be erratic.

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It’s a bit colder than usual, we’re expecting snow this week. We’ve had unusually cold weather, summer and winter, for the last couple of years.

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It doeesn’t feel much different from normal. It’s been most in the 50s for highs around here lately.

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Not far from Cleveland, myself, and it has been unseasonably warm and wet. We had a thunderstorm last night, which is not typical for this time of year.

It seems that winter comes a little bit later each year, but it still comes every year. It still lasts just as long as it always has. We got 15” of snow overnight last year, and the same would not surprise me this year. But, yes, I can tell a difference in the weather from when I was a child.

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It’s unusually cool in Phoenix, Arizona today, even for late November in the middle of the day. We’re currently at 55 degrees and we’re absolutely loving it. Judging by what we’re experiencing at the moment, I’d say Global Warming isn’t a factor. When we have abnormally long summer seasons with high temperatures lasting into late October and early November, I’d definitely be willing to blame that on Global Warming though.

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It was pouring over the weekend and now it is bright and sunny outside (though still somewhat chilly.) This is as wintery as southern California becomes, so it’s not terribly unusual, considering where I am from.

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In the time since you first posted your question our weather has gone from rainy and warm 60F, to bright and sunny, to rainy, dreary, and cooler, about 50F. The only funny thing about it is that’s not unusual in Upstate NY.

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If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said “yes”. It was around 70 and sunny. But, last night a cold front came through and pushed the temps down to the 40s!

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I’m just outside of Boston and it was in the low 60’s (overcast)... way above normal November temps…

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Its 40. It’s been cold and windy. I hate it.

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Now it’s sunny again and 50.

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It’s cold wet and miserable. Thats pretty standard for the UK (whatever the time of year).

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I don’t know weather it is or not. I don’t get out much.

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It was a weird weather year in California. First we had a cool and mostly over-cast summer, when it’s normally sunny and warm. October is usually the nicest month because it is usually sunny, but the temps have cooled to the high sixties, great for walking on the empty beaches or hiking in the mountains. But lo and behold we had 2 weeks of extremely hot weather with a couple of days being 95 to 100! Then, since the start of November, when it’s usually still sunny or cloudy (but not overcast) and in the high 50’s and low sixties, we got rain, and then more rain and then more rain. We usually don’t get rain until February and March, if at all. At the rate it’s going, I wouldn’t doubt that we will either get a heat wave or snow on Christmas (either of which would be extremely rare).

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It was weird a couple weeks ago – we’re back to normal now, though. A couple weeks ago, it got up to 70. Now, we’ve got about 6 inches of snow and it’s cold. I wish it was back to the 60s and 70s.

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I attend school in Burlington, VT, and by now we should have had snow a couple of times. Instead, we got a single, 4-second flurry last Friday. It’s starting to get quite despairing…

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The forecasts are threatening snow for this week which seems to be very early considering the last couple of years the snow hasn’t come until January or February.

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