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Where is the furthest you have been from your home?

Asked by ucme (46454points) November 23rd, 2010

Geographically speaking of course. Holiday most likely, or maybe you once lived far from where you are now. So basically what i’m asking is this, what’s the furthest distance you’ve travelled from whichever place you’ve called home & what was the location?

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Santorini, one of the Greek islands. I live in Alberta, Canada so a few miles!

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I spent Spring Break in the Dominican Republic when I was in college.

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Crazy Horse, South Dakota. 1,173 Miles from home.

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The Northern island of Japan

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Japan and Italy, on business, in the same month. Live in eastern USA.

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I’m a US citizen who lives in Ohio. I’ve been to Alaska and also to both coasts of Mexico and also Hawaii. We’ve been to the Caribbean Sea several times. Next February my husband and I are going to go on a
another cruise, this time around the tip of South America, from Argentina to Brazil. I would love to go across the pond, but do far, no luck!

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I live in England and the furthest I’ve been from it is Toronto, Canada.

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I’d have to say here in Kansas is the farthest from where I grew up and where my family still lives. I’ve been to other places, but by actual mileage, I think were we are living now in Kansas is the farthest.

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NJ——-> New Zealand.

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about 5600 miles from Alabama to Kishinev, Moldova
around 5000 miles from bama to Alaska…both were quite circuitous routes

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Crete, from Oregon.

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On the other side of the world (Southern Hemisphere vs. Northern), and in Indonesia, at 35,000 feet.

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Well I live in Tasmania and I just went to the USA and then went to Europe, so the furthest point I’ve been as far as closeness to the antipodes goes is New York. So I’ve been the same distance north as I have south and passed through every line of longitude we have.

Vertically it would be some point over the Pacific when the airplane was cruising I suppose. If we’re talking about actual “earth” then it would be 12,000 feet up in Colorado. I think.

I’ll get back to you when space travel is possible for people who suck at maths.

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It would be the trip I took to England and France when I was still living in Portland, OR. I flew to the East Coast where I grew up and stayed there for a couple of days and then my mom and I flew to London. That’s about 5000 miles.

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Not very far. The furthest I have been from California is Florida (I have been to Disney World three times with my family.) Later this year, I should get use out of a passport and leave the country, but we’ll see how that goes.

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The island of Taiwan.

Says it is 6,449 miles from S.F.O. to Taipei City.

I am about 150 miles from San Francisco, sooo, do the math. lol

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The distance is approximate but fair…Adelaide, South Australia……
Miles: 10269.39, Kilometres: 16526.53


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Florida to Hawaii.

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Michigan to Madagascar.

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I live in New York and over the years I have lived, worked, and vacationed in Japan, South Africa, China, Australia, Israel, Thailand and others. My butt has a lot of frequent flyer miles on it.

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@worriedguy: well hey, if the question asked me all the places I’ve been to, I would have one upped you, lol! :P

I believe Australia is the furthest removed from New York.

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South America—Guyana to visit my mother’s family

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Glasgow to Trivandrum in Kerala, India 5,396 miles

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little over 5,000 miles, NYC to Greece :)

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Here I don’t know the distance, but it’s past the meridian.

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Jamaica on my honeymoon (many miles from New York).

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Lac Xao. Laos. Pretty much the other side of the planet.

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Dallas TX to Shanghai, China: 10,273 miles, if you include kayaking across the Pacific Ocean.

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I live in the UK and I went to live in New Zealand! Not sure of the distance give me a couple of days and I’ll repost with distance!!

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The farthest was Brisbane, Australia, 10,000 or so miles from home in England. The most remote place I’ve been to was on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic

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Next door.

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I was born and raised in New England, stationed in San Diego, and am a Golden Shellback , so I have been about as far away from home as one can get without being an astronaut.

I’m not exactly sure what the furthest away from home I’ve been is, but it would probably be Mombasa (Kenya), Australia (I’ve been to Perth and Sydney, and we traveled between them along the Southern coast), or some random spot of the Pacific ocean in between.

@meiosis Aren’t the sunrises and sunsets so beautiful when you are thousands of miles from the light and haze pollution of land or any terrain?

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From France to Canada. I did run away from home once though.

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I recently visited my son in Sweden, 5,300 miles from Northern California.

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We went to New Caledonia in 2004. You can’t get there from here (Seattle).

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Half way around Earth. About 11, 000 miles. Seemed like a million.

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@jerv They’re amazing. And the stars – wow!

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Using the Google Earth ruler I reckon it’s about 2150miles from mine to Cyprus.

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About 11,000 miles from home when I was in Sydney. It’s not possible to go much further. Unless we leave our planet’s surface.

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Kathmandu, Nepal, which is about 8,000 miles from where I live.

However, we went there by going east instead of west, so the trip was about 17,000 miles.

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6800 miles from New England to Tokyo Japan and after a week in Japan go back to Connecticut and find out that I have go to Naples Italy (4300 miles the other way) after staying in Connecticut for 6 days.

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