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Any universities that specialize in/offer outdoor education degrees?

Asked by aviona (3250points) November 23rd, 2010

Does anyone know of any universities that specialize in/offer degrees in outdoor education (preferably in the US)? It has become a passion of mine and I would love to someday lead backpacking trips for kids/young adults.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Here is a list of colleges and universities offering masters and PhD in outdoor education in North America, the UK and Australia.

Texas A&M is quite well-known for their program.

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@marinelife sorry I should have specified I’m looking for schools offering BAs.

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I believe Cal Poly SLO does. Is this what you are looking for? beautiful campus, btw!

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I have a friend at university on an outdoor education course. He is at The University of Chicester though that is in the UK.

He’s having a great time.

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The absolutely BEST school for this is Warren Wilson College in NC.

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@BarnacleBill thanks! I actually know someone who goes there.

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