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What are your top 5 favorite songs right now?

Asked by dans85 (109points) April 6th, 2007
I've been listening to a really wide variety: Zapp & Roger, CSS, Thom Yorke, old school funk, CocoRosie...
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'he can only hold her'-amy winehouse
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ok i'm lame. wasn't finished. 'i choose you'-willie hutch. 'i thought you should know'-steve earle. 'ocean of noise'-arcade fire. also 'keep the car running' from the same album. there, now i'm done.
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'Thorn' by Blind Guardian (Metal), 'Chan Chan' by Buena Vista Social Club (Latin), 'Moonlight Sonata' by Beethoven (Classical), '3030' by Deltron (Hip Hop), and 'Aruarian Dance' by Nujabes (Electronic). VERY eclectic grouping.
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I can't stop listening to fado, especially sung by Christina Branco (Post-Scriptum) and Ana Moura (Aconteceu).
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young folks- Peter Bjorn and John
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sorry....the art teacher- rufus wainwright, Glamorous- Fergie (great party song), Ms. Fat booty- Mos Def
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“Tears Dry On Their Own” – Amy Winehouse
“Perfect Gentlemen” – Wyclef Jean
“Queen Of The Surface Streets” – DeVotchka
“Mao Boy !” – Indochine
“All These Things That I’ve Done” – The Killers
I’m looking forward to checking out other Flutherers’ suggestions!

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here’s the ones i am liking right now…
tu mira – lole y manuel
all i need – radiohead
a fool in love – ike and tina turner
are you that somebody – aaliyah
fame – irene cara

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As of now?
Everything-Michael Bublé
Lost-Michael Bublé
Texas Stars-Carbon Leaf
What you own-RENT
Summer Sunshine-The Corrs

That’ll probably be different next week…

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~ Wave Your Flag

~This Time for Africa

~Ridin’ Solo

~ He Lives in You (The Lion King 2)

~ Merry Happy

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“Death of Seasons” – AFI
“Farther Away” – Evanescence
“Lacrimosa/Lacrymosa” – Mozart, covered by Evanescence (I love both versions lol)
“The Leaving Song, Part ll” – AFI
“I’m Sorry” – Flyleaf

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“Kashmir” – Led Zeppelin
“Ruby Tuesday” – The Rolling Stones
“I don’t want to miss a thing” – Aerosmith
“Holy Diver” – Dio
“Brothers in Arms” – Dire Straights

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