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Is waking up without an alarm a sign of good health?

Asked by Axarraekji (247points) November 23rd, 2010

I set my alarm each night but I often wake up just minutes before it goes off. I wake up anywhere from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. throughout the week, depending on the days I have work and school. Is this a sign of good emotional, physical, and intellectual health?

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I don’t think you can read tha much into it. I also wake up without the alarm clock but I don’t particularly see it as a sign of good health. Somedays I am rested, somedays I’m not.

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I see it as a sign that you have a good sleep schedule. Healthy sleep is essential to health, but healthy sleep is not necessarily an indication that you’re healthy overall.

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I do the same even though I suffer bouts of insomnia. I’ve chalked it up to my brain keeps ticking off time when it should be resting and regenerating.

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I’ve done this all my life. I am a morning person, who detests having my sleep interrupted by loud blaring. I hate being shocked awake. So as long as I look at the clock before I lay my head down, I’ll beat my alarm by 2–3 minutes.

Just think of it as your brain doing you a favor. You are healthy, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

It’s the people [like my husband] who have to hit the alarm ten times in the morning and/or use the snooze button who have no discipline.

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If so, then I don’t have any health. I think it depends on whether you’re a morning person or a night owl. I never had too much trouble working night shifts but I sure need an alarm clock to get up early.

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I usually wake up without the alarm. I just think it means I have a good sense of time.

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Agree with above. It’s a sign that you are a morning person.

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I have a friend who can wake up two minutes before the alarm no matter what time she sets it to go off. Her mind somehow adjusts for church day, 2nd shift days and weekend days. Even if she has to get up extra early. I find it so weird. She said the same thing as @squirbel, she doesn’t like to woken by blaring noise; she prefers to wake up peacefully.

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I always wake up before my alarm but that is probably because I always worry about being late for things that my mind can’t properly shut off to go into a very deep sleep.

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I never thought of this as a sign of good health—more like a sign of having a notion of time—but I do this as well. I always awake just moments before any alarm is ready to go off.

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