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Can we digest viruses?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) November 23rd, 2010

I don’t usually involve myself in free sex but lately I feel like to try to do that (at least I’m single now). The problem here is that I’m afraid of STDs (especially the HIV/AIDS) even though it’s not that popular here. I just want to have simple oral with someone but I don’t want to ask if he has already taken his regular health check since I’m afraid I’ll loose the ‘trust’ between us. I also don’t feel like to use condom in oral. In my opinion I think that viruses can be dissolved by our stomach acids but I’m also think that they could pass it and get into our blood circulation,in oral case. Can someone please clarify this matter?

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Swallowing AIDS infected semen can give you HIV, yea. I would recommend blood tests, this is something that does not take too long at all if you go to a private clinic

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I don’t think AIDS is popular anywhere. Widespread, perhaps, but ‘popular’.... No.

You can contract HIV through unprotected oral sex with an infected partner. If the possibility of infection bothers you, then don’t do it with someone whose status you are unaware of.

Dying through lack of diligence isn’t popular anywhere.

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Just jumping in as a biochemist, yes, we can digest viruses. Viruses are simply made of proteins and DNA/RNA and we digest that all the time.

However, that’s not really the problem. The problem is that your entire GI tract, from lips to the other side, is made of porous mucous membranes. HIV can easily penetrate that and infect you. So, yeah. You can easily get HIV through oral, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of the leading ways (from people thinking exactly the same thought as you).

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As BhacSsylan so aptly explained, ingestion is not the transmission method that you need to be concerned about. Why would you consider having sex with someone that you’re not comfortable asking about sexual history?

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@syz – spur of the moment. It’s not entirely unknown.

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@the100thmonkey You are quite correct that those sperm of the moment decisions have caused more HIV transmission than you can shake a stick at. Add in alcohol which reduces judgement and you have the perfect recipe for disaster!

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There are many other STDs you can get through oral sex as well, just so you know. If you aren’t willing to ask the person their status, you shouldn’t be doing anything with them in my opinion. Asking if someone has been tested shouldn’t ruin any “trust” that has been established.

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Oh don’t worry, you could be that 1–3% of the worlds population that’s immune to HIV.

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“I don’t want to ask if he has already taken his regular health check since I’m afraid I’ll loose the ‘trust’ between us”

I would be far more afraid of dying. You’re obviously giving this some thought; I’d wait until you are comfortable asking. No sane person would be threatened by the request.

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