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The answer is, "Why not?" What's the question?

Asked by janbb (55120points) November 23rd, 2010

Just for fun. Make up something. Let’s play Jeopardy.

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@janbb for 200, Can a woman ever be president?

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@janbb for 400, Will healthcare reform ever be a reality in the United States?

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I’ll take: Never stick your finger in a light socket for 200, Alex.

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Should every single one of us, as a nation, each mail @Blondesjon a dollar?

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Wanna fuck?

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I’ll take: Should I just become an atheist? For 500.
Symbeline took my “Wanna bone?” answer lol.

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Should I have asked this question?

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Should I treat myself to a big yummy dessert tonight?

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Should I dump my boyfriend because he is texting my best friend?

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Would you like to jump out of an airplane with a ripped parachute?

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Wanna take a long needle, stick it through your eye and see if you can fish a gibbon out of your brain?

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Wanna have a sex change?

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Would you like to trip the light fantastic on the moon with no space suit?

Shit! Why not?

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For 200 Alex, what is your favorite roasted vegetable?

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Why is there a shoe in the refrigerator? For 400.

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And for200 Why is it ringing?

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Shall I slaughter that penguin?

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@ucme Oh No! No GA for that, my friend!

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Is there a boy under the pool or in the frizzer, Janets for 200?

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@janbb Nothing new there then, pal!

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I’d like: Don’t give Pop Rocks to the cat for 800.

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Should I buy the nice winter boots I’ve been ogling at all day?

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@Symbeline Sure, Why not? ;)

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