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How many calories - almond roca - just the toffee center?

Asked by longtresses (1330points) November 23rd, 2010

For calorie experts… How many calories are in just the toffee center of the Almond Roca candy? (It’s a toffee candy dipped in chocolate and coated with almond bits.)

1 piece is roughly 67 calories.

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I’m not a calorie expert, but I’m ok at researching things, and my math is not too terrible.

Each piece of Almond Roca Buttercrunch contains about 70 calories. So my guess from looking at pictures of them, is that the toffee center makes up about 60–65 calories give or take.

- A serving of 3 pieces contains:

210 calories, 126 of those calories being from fat, 14.0g of total fat, 8.0g of those 14g from saturated fat. 15mg of cholesterol, 125mg of sodium, 19.0g of carbohydrates, 18.0g of those from sugars, 2.0g of protein, 4% vitamin A, and trace amounts of iron, vitamin C, and calcium.

3 pieces contain 2.0g of protein, and nuts are mostly protein, so if 1 piece is 70 calories, and each piece has approx. 0.6g of almond, then thats about 7g of calories from the almond, giving you 63 calories give or take.

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