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What should I do with my many earphones problem?

Asked by Tink (8668points) November 24th, 2010 from iPhone

I go through earphones like a person with a cough goes through tissues. It is the third pair I have gotten in the last three moths. The first ones were apple earbuds, the second were Skullcandy, since the Skullcandy come with warranty I sent them in because they stopped working from one ear, they just sent me new ones. Now those new ones have the same problem. I am debating whether or not to send them in again, they were a little more than twenty dollars so I don’t want to leave them just like that.

I use them a lot, I hardly let them rest. They probably can’t take it.

Should I spend my money elsewhere? As in buy some better ones that can handle it? Or shall I punish myself and not get new ones till I learn how to take care of them?

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I have the same problem my apple ones broke because my mum accidently washed them, second ones were the skullcandy ones and my dog chewed them, the third pair were cheapy ones and they have lasted two years now so I am now happy that I dont have to buy the really expensive ones. I would try the cheapy ones and if they dont help your problem then I dont know what will.

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@megan5555 So you’re saying I should get cheap ones so I don’t have to mourn their death when I kill them? This is so obvious and I never really thought about it. Thanks! :)

I’m still left wondering what I should do with these current ones though.

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I hope it all works out for you and if not I am sorry and i would send the earphones back and send a complant with them saying that they dont last very long:)

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I like Vmoda. I prefer the bass freq, but the vibe is really popular, and it’s a generally solid brand. I found some for $10 bucks on eBay, $5 if you get the ugly, unpopular colors. I went through the seller 128headphones like here.

ETA: At radioshack, they’re $40 a pop.

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Do you think they were defective or did you misuse them by pulling them out by the cord, or sitting on them?
If you treated them right and the product is defective, you should send them back even though it is a pain. The manufacturer should know about the issue so they can make improvements.

How are you with sunglasses? I’m still not mature enough to have a good pair.

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Cheap sunglasses, cheap headphones, cheap umbrellas are the way to go. All three seem to take a beating, get left or tossed places.

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Yeah send them back and get some new apple ones. I got a pair for like 6 bucks on amazon last year and they’re fine. The cheapies work well enough, and they do suffer so mu trauma.

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I know this person who puts them in their bellybutton. I imagine that doesn’t help to keep them working. heh

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@worriedguy I don’t see any physical damage that could’ve been caused by me. I do think that maybe the problem is in the cords inside the outer shell, I just can’t see it.

And no sunglasses for me.

@BarnacleBill That is true.

@sliceswiththings The apple ones are long gone my friend, I got those on eBay for eight dollars but I wanted to try other brands when those died.

@free_fallin It was one time, now I have reason to believe that my bellybutton is deadly.

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