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Do your [uncaged] pets sleep with you?

Asked by anartist (14779points) November 24th, 2010

If not, where do they sleep?

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I’ve tried to leave my dog uncaged so she could sleep with me butt she wouldn’t stop running around and destroying things. My cats are both uncaged and they come and go as they please.

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Two cats on the bed every night, and my goose likes to come in and he will fall asleep upside down in my arms. Little darlings! :-)

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My dog prefers her crate, but our two cats are free to come and go as they choose. My little female cat almost always sleeps next to me. But I did raise her from a tiny kitten; she came to me before proper weaning age, so I had to be her mommy. I “nursed” her and snuggled her constantly to keep her warm. She still loves to snuggle with her mommy. =0)

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My cats will either sleep in the bed or on the couch. One of them likes to sleep on the bathroom mat, and my dear departed kitty used to sleep on the (closed!) toilet seat. That was a little terrifying during those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips when you’re still half-asleep.

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Our medium-sized dog sleeps in the bed and our greyhound sleeps on a dog bed next to the bed, but he gets up on the bed when we are reading before lights out.

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My girl cat squeezes in between my wife and I and stays there. My boy cat curls up at my head in the winter and my feet in the summer.

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My cat sleeps on my hip, stomach, along my neck or under my armpit. My 9lbs doggie sleeps in his dog bed on the floor (beside my bed).

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Our two cats do sometimes sleep with, mostly on my partner’s side.

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One doggy, Penny. She sleeps at the foot of the bed.

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My dog is on the floor at the foot of the bed and the two cats try to sleep on my head. I haven’t slept well in five years.;)

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@Coloma how cute. Upside down! But I thought you had 2 geese. Does one stay out?
@WillWorkForChocolate my boycat used to do that too. I got them at 6 weeks. My girlcat slept at my feet, my boycat in the crook of my arm alongside me or on my chest with his head on my cheek. [That;\‘s after he came in from cattin’ at about 3am]. Now that he is gone, my girlcat starts on my chest then moves down to my feet.
I really love it.
I am also interested to see that some dogs like their crates. I always perceived of crates as caging and cruel and couldn’t understand why anyone would have a critter if they had to do that, but I guess it is like having a doghouse or a den inside the house—private turf.

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My dogs love their crates on either side of my bed. They wouldn’t get up on the bed if I tried to make them; they run straight into the boxes.
Cat has a night job shredding the carpet on the stairs.

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Marwyn is ‘house goose’, haha

Not really, but he comes inside a lot to hang out, break bread, nap in my arms. He is incredibly imprinted on me.

His wife ‘Sonora’ is very sweet but she is not much of a cuddler, she was a rescue and while she has bonded with me she is not as imprinted as Marwyn.

She likes to be petted and lives for her ‘salad bar’. lol

They are outside most of the time, but Marwyn comes in at least several times a week for 30 minutes or so.

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@Coloma How did you adopt Marwyn/he adopt you?c How old?
Was Sonora full-grown?

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At any given time there are 1–4 cats on/in my bed when we are sleeping. My boy loves to cuddle under the covers with me.

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They have slept in my room before but not on my bed, that would bug me. And in general, my door is closed at night and the cats are usually in the garage.

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My dog has her own bed in my bedroom. She sleeps part of the night there but she will often go downstairs and sleep on the couch in the living room. She likes it cooler, and I think the bedroom is sometimes too warm for her. She will sleep on my bed only in the daytime when no-one else is around.

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I got Marwyn 12 and a half years ago as a tiny gosling someone found wandering alone when I volunteered at a local wildlife rescue.

Sonora was a rescue from 2 years ago, pulled from a lake with a fish hook in her eye.
She lost the eye, but gets around fine.
I got her after Marwyn’s 1st wife, Babby died in 08.

I love my geezers! :-)

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Yup my cat sleeps almost on my face!

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Sometimes, mine share the bed.

When I get up to go to work in the morning. Rudy (the dog in the photo) scratches at the side of my bed because he wants up on it. He then goes under the covers (burrows) and sleep most of the morning (I’m guessing).

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(you don’t even want to know where the gerbil sleeps…)

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Is your Gerbil named Richard Gere? hahahaha

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yes, usually on my pillow. and if i’m lucky enough to have the pillow, then usually on my face/head.

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Two on the floor in their own beds and one dingo dog on my feet!

@Coloma – Is your house goose house broken??? I had a chicken who learned how to use the dog door and I would often find her in the house, but she always left a trail! I understand you can house break them but I never managed to accomplish the task.

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my dog will sometimes sleep beside me on my bed.

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My spaniel, Dutchess does. Our shepherd, Dakota only sleeps with me when Rick’s gone. She sleeps in his spot with her head on his pillow. She doesn’t sleep with Rick when I’m gone, though. I think it’s interesting.

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All three cats sleep with me. The little one sleeps at the foot of the bed, and the big one and the spaz one take turns sleeping next to my head and next to my torso.

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Our dog (havanese/maltese) sleeps on the floor in our bedroom on a blanket.

She hates dog beds and I wouldn’t have her sleep with us.

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Oh yes, and I love it, one cat and one dog now.

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My dogs are welcome to sleep on the bed if they wish.

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He can be in for 30 minutes or so without an accident. He is not really ‘house goose’ but he could be someday. You can actually buy ‘Duck Diapers.’

Patented! ;-)

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@anartist Oh, no her crate isn’t meant to be cruel at all. In fact, it’s left completely unlocked most of the time so she can get out of it any time she wants. She just really likes it in there, I guess it feels like a “safe zone” or something (she’s a small, semi high-strung dog). She’s got a cushion and blankets she sleeps with , and if it’s raining or thundering, that’s the first place she goes!

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Heh. My caged pets sleep with me! Not really. I don’t put my pets in cages.

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When I used to have a dog and a cat they were welcome to sleep on my bed if they want.

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